Lt. Gen. Boykin: Part of Military's Problem Is Training in Tolerance, White Privilege, 'Nonsense Like That'

Michael W. Chapman | April 14, 2016 | 2:28pm EDT
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Lt. Gen. (ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin.

(Department of Defense photo) 

Commenting on the weakened state of the U.S. military under President Barack Obama, Lt. Gen. (ret.) William "Jerry" Boykin said he could not answer "for what this administration is thinking," but he knows that part of the problem is that little time is spent on traditional training of soldiers, such as in the military code of conduct, and much time is wasted training soldiers "in tolerance and inclusion," and on "white privilege and nonsense like that."  

“I can’t answer for what this administration is thinking," said Boykin in an April 7 interview on Secure Freedom Radio hosted by Frank Gaffney. "I can’t answer for why they’re doing what they’re doing."

"But I would ask your listeners to think about this," said the general. "During the Vietnam era, to get a statement out of a POW that was being held in Hanoi, you had to beat that man almost to the point of killing him. That was the standard. Take it to the limit but don’t let them kill you, and then they would make a public statement."

“We had a bunch of sailors in two boats that were taken [in January 2016] – and I don’t believe for a minute they were in Iranian waters, but they were taken – and within the next three or four hours they were on television apologizing," said Boykin. 

"Then you get a video of one of them sitting over in the corner crying," he said.  "Frank, what’s happened to our military?"

General Boykin continued, “Now, I’ll tell you what part of it is. They have not spent their time being trained in the code of conduct. They’ve spent their time being trained in tolerance, and inclusion, and how to integrate women –"

Gaffney then interjected, “diversity, sensitivity, and white privilege," and Boykin said, "that’s right, on white privilege and nonsense like that. That’s where they spend their training time."

"I get feedback from military people all the time – ‘Yes, sir, we spent the entire week doing nothing but classroom training on tolerance and integrating women into the infantry,'" he recounted. "And, I mean, Frank, we’re wasting precious training time at a time when our enemies are growing stronger and we’re growing weaker.”

Lt. Gen. Boykin served in the U.S. Army from 1971 to 2007. He was one of the founding members of Delta Force. He headed the U.S. Army Special Forces Command, and participated in Operation Urgent Fury, Operation Just Cause, and Operation Restore Hope.

He has been awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star, and two Purple Hearts, among other military honors. 

“Jerry” Boykin currently serves as the executive vice president of the Family Research Council

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