Mark Levin: ‘This President’s Anti-Semitism is Catching On’

Michael W. Chapman | January 26, 2015 | 2:32pm EST
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Conservative talk-radio host and best-selling author Mark Levin said the “stench” of the 1930s, referencing the appeasement policies of Neville Chamberlain and the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe, was surfacing in the United States today, and President Barack Obama’s actions display “all the signals of an anti-Semite.”

Levin further said, “this president’s anti-Semitism is what’s catching on” across America’s college campuses, across the intellectual landscape, and in some segments of Congress.

“I’m going to tell you something and it’s going to be very uncomfortable,” said Levin on his Jan. 23 nationally syndicated radio program.  “I don’t care how many wealthy Jews Obama surrounds himself with, I don’t care how many wealthy Jews contribute to his campaign.”

“This man has all the signals of an anti-Semite,” said Levin, who is Jewish. “And I’m not going to take that word back. I believe this in my heart and my soul. It’s not about Israel, it’s about what’s in Israel.”

Levin spoke about Obama’s failure to talk about the threat of radical Islam, or Islamo-nazi fascism, in truthful terms, and his failure to deliver any honest and pro-Western speech in defense of the victims of Islamo fascism, including Christians in the Middle East, the moderate Muslims who are slaughtered, the women and girls raped and used as sex slaves, and the killing of children, not to mention the relentless attacks by Islamists against the State of Israel.

This May 24, 2011 file photo shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with House Speaker John Boehner on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP File Photo))

“This president’s anti-Semitism is what’s catching on,” said Levin.  “It’s catching on at the colleges and the universities. The Speaker of the House [John Boehner] had the temerity, the hubris -- if you listen to the leader of the Democrats in the House --  to invite the prime minister of Israel to speak to Congress and the American people about Iran and the Islamic terrorists.”

“And Obama, for the last 48 hours, has spent day and night trashing him while making peace with the Islam-Nazi regime in Iran,” said Levin, author of the best seller Liberty & Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto.

“Is this really a man who’s just confused or following the wrong path? I don’t think so,” said Levin.  “Where’s the speech, Mr. President, about the Christians? Where’s the speech, Mr. President, about the Jews? Where’s the speech, Mr. President, about the women and the babies? Where’s the speech? “

Levin continued, “Why is it that you’re still flying around the United States, acting as if we’re not in the beginning of World War III?  Going on and on about your great deeds, going into Idaho and Kentucky, and whatever the Hell else you’re doing – nobody’s even paying attention.”

President Barack Obama gave a post-State of the Union interview to YouTube personality GloZell Green, an online star who eats cereal and milk out of a bathtub and sticks condoms in her nose.  (AP)

“The enemy’s on the move,” said Levin. “The enemy is slaughtering, destroying.  Where are you, Mr. President? What’s your problem? The king of Saudi Arabia has died, and we’re sending the vice president over there as part of a U.S. delegation to pay respects to the king’s family. This president doesn’t even respect the prime minister of Israel.”

“This president will do an interview with some lunatic who sits in a bathtub with cheerios and milk, or fruit loops and milk,” said Levin, in reference to a post-State of the Union interview Obama gave to YouTube personality GloZell Green, a woman who also inhales condoms on YouTube.

“The president of the United States will do an interview with this woman, take the time out of his busy work day watching ESPN in the morning, to be interviewed by this nut job, but he has no time to see Netanyahu,” said Levin.

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