Rep. Franks: ‘All The Research Shows’ Kids Do Better With a Traditional Family

By Michael W. Chapman | June 3, 2016 | 2:42pm EDT

Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.)  (AP) 

( -- U.S. House Representative Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), who formerly headed Arizona’s subcommittee on Child Protection and Family Preservation as a state lawmaker, said the research shows that children are in the best position to succeed in life if reared in a traditional family with a mother and father, not with same-sex “parents” or divorced parents.

He also argued that the people who support homosexual marriage are not very tolerant because now they are trying to force people with religious convictions to affirm and enable their unnatural lifestyle. It is now to the point where you “will bake our [gay] cake” and “you will do what we say,” said Rep. Franks about the same-sex activists. 

During a May 27 interview on Washington Watch, host Tony Perkins remarked to Rep. Franks, “You were talking about how we were just told, ‘look, this is a live and let live [issue], this redefinition of marriage is not going to affect you.’ Well, you know, just a few months later, not quite a year [since] the courts redefined marriage, we have the president pushing for this redefinition of even bathrooms.  It shows that there is an aggressive push here. And so there has to be a resistance to this agenda.” 

Representative Franks said, “That’s exactly right. Tony, the whole notion in times past, there were two planes, if you will, two foundations of discussion that we had on traditional marriage. One was that certain people felt like this was a religious conviction on their part: that they opposed same-sex marriage.”

“Then there were those who said we believe that children belong in a family, where they have a mother and a father because all of the research – apart from religious conviction – all of the research shows that they do better on every measureable metric,” said Franks.

“When they have a mother and a father [it] just changes their entire childhood in a way that gives them the best possible chance in life,” he continued. “I think we can argue both of those cases, on both of those plains. But in public policy, probably the strongest argument is always the one is what is best for the children.”

“Now I am convinced,” said Franks, “I used to head what was the equivalent of our Children’s Department in Arizona, and there is no doubt whatsoever – whether it’s caused by divorce, or whether it’s caused by lack of marriage or same-sex marriage, whatever it is – whenever a child is not in a mother-father family, traditional family, they have some odds stacked against them in many areas.”

Tony Perkins, host of "Washington

Watch," and president of the

Family Research Council (FRC). 

“My parents were divorced and I certainly felt the impact of that,” said the congressman.  “So we can measure it on that background. But now the argument has completely changed. Now the argument is not just let us do what we want to do and you do what you want to do.”

“Now the issue is not only, even if you’re a Baptist preacher, you will not only not say anything if you disagree with us,” commented Franks,  “[but] you will marry us and your parishioners will bake our cake. You will do what we say.”

“All of a sudden the whole right of association, the right not to participate, the right of conscience is completely being vitiated here,” said Franks.  “And if people don’t understand the significance of this argument, in the long run, I promise you, they will.”

Perkins interjected, “They will be made to understand because it is the power of the government that is being enlisted here to force this agenda upon America.”

Franks then responded, “And all of a sudden, tolerance, I know it’s been said before but it probably should be repeated. The so-called tolerant left are the most intolerant people that I know of.”

“They don’t realize that true tolerance is not so much that you have disagreements with each other, but that you can still be kind and decent and respectful towards each other in spite of those differences,” he said.  “That’s something I’ve always tried to do, always tried to be respectful in spite of the differences I had with someone.”

(AP photo.)  


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