Rev. Graham Defends FRC: ‘We Are Targets of the Liberal Media’s Anti-Christian Bias, But it Doesn’t Mean that We Stop’

By Michael W. Chapman | May 4, 2015 | 7:14pm EDT

In reference to an ambush interview of Family Research Council (FRC) President Tony Perkins by CBS News’ Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer about gay marriage, evangelical leader Franklin Graham said that Christians defending what the Bible teaches about sexual morality is a sign of love, not hate, for their fellow citizens, and added that speaking God’s truth means “we are targets of the liberal media’s anti-Christian bias” but it “doesn’t mean that we stop” speaking out.

“In our world today, being bold enough to speak out on important Biblical and moral issues means that we are targets of the liberal media’s anti-Christian bias,” said Rev. Graham in a May 4 post on Facebook.  “But it doesn’t mean that we stop.”

In reference to the Apr. 26 interview on CBS, Rev. Graham said, “Did you see where Face the Nation’s Bob Schieffer attacked Tony Perkins and Family Research Council in what is being called an ‘ambush’ interview last week? He accused Tony and FRC of being anti-gay.”

“I know Tony,” said Rev. Graham.  “He’s a great American and a strong Christian. Just because Christians take a stand aligned with what the Word of God says is true, that doesn’t mean we are anti-gay. It means that we love people enough to warn them.”

“God tells us in His Word that lying is sin, stealing is sin, murder is sin, adultery is sin, homosexuality is sin...and ‘the wages of sin is death,’” wrote Rev. Graham on Facebook. “The Bible says ‘all have sinned,’  and we want people to know that God will forgive them and give them eternal life if they turn from their sins and accept His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior.”

During that Apr. 26 interview, CBS’s Schieffer -- before questioning Tony Perkins about the Supreme Court and gay marriage -- cited the left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center to describe the Family Research Council as an “anti-gay hate group,” and added that CBS apparently had been “inundated by people” who did not want Perkins interviewed because “you don’t speak for Christians.”

Schieffer did not say who those “people” were and he did not mention that Floyd Corkins was convicted in 2013 of domestic terrorism, among other felonies, because he shot up the FRC and one of its employees; Corkins subsequently told federal investigators he learned of the FRC’s opposition to homosexual behavior from the online website of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

As Corkins told the FBI, “It was a, uh, Southern Poverty Law, lists, uh, anti-gay groups. I found them online. I did a little bit of research, went to the website and stuff like that.”

Several days after the Face the Nation interview, the Conservative Action Project sent a letter to CBS News President David Rhodes describing Schieffer’s interview of Perkins as “an assault against Judeo-Christian people of faith,” and urging CBS and Schieffer to apologize for using the Southern Poverty Law Center “to smear people of faith.”

The letter noted that “the FBI removed links to the SPLC from its ‘hate crime resources’ page and the Department of Defense and the U.S. Army have distanced themselves from the SPLC’s materials.”

More than 40 leading conservatives signed the letter, including Media Research Center President Brent Bozell.

(Disclosure: The Media Research Center is the parent organization of

Commenting on that letter and the issue in general, Bozell said in an April 30  press release, “This ambush of my friend Tony Perkins by CBS’s Bob Schieffer is beyond the pale. The work the Family Research Council and its president Tony Perkins do to promote a pro-family culture and traditional values cannot be overstated. And to suggest, as Schieffer did, that the FRC doesn’t represent Christians is laughable. 

“For CBS News to cite the SPLC as a resource is particularly outrageous given that one of the SPLC’s supporters shot and wounded a security guard inside the FRC’s headquarters a few years ago. Would it be okay if Fox News cited a white supremacist group to call into question a liberal group? Of course not.

“This is another example of the left’s continued war against Judeo-Christian people of faith. The left’s allies in the liberal media will stop at nothing to silence, censor, and shame Americans who embrace traditional values. It’s become an epidemic and it’s sickening. If Bob Schieffer has any integrity, he will apologize on Face the Nation for using SPLC as a resource to smear people of faith.”

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