Rev. Graham: Gays, Like Adulterers, Must Repent or ‘Spend Eternity in Hell … The End is Coming’

By Michael W. Chapman | July 15, 2015 | 5:53pm EDT

Rev. Franklin Graham (Photo: BGEA)


Christians must love gays and lesbians enough to “warn them if they don’t repent,” they will “spend eternity in Hell,” said Rev. Graham, who added that the same fate awaits adulterers and that he personally believes God’s judgment is near, “the end is coming.”

Rev. Graham, son of world-renowned pastor Billy Graham, also lamented “how quickly the world is deteriorating morally, especially under this administration,” stressing that “we have seen that it has taken like a nosedive off of the moral diving board into the cesspool of humanity.”

The evangelist added that we need to elect to public office “men and women who hold to biblical standards,” otherwise “we’re going to lose this country.”

“We have turned our back as a nation on God,” said Rev. Graham in a recent interview on Washington Watch With Tony Perkins“We used to be a nation that respected God, and listened to the religious leaders of this country. But we don’t do that anymore. What’s happened is our country is not better. It’s getting worse."

We need to take a stand “against wickedness,” he said. “I hear so many arguments that we need to love the gays and lesbians – of course, we love them. We should love them enough to warn them that if they don’t repent and turn from their sin and receive Christ by faith into their hearts and into their lives, they will spend eternity in Hell.”

“God is a loving god and He’s provided salvation,” said the reverend. “He’s providing forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ but the gay, lesbian community reject this – God has no hope but to judge them.”

“And if you are a gay or lesbian, that is not sin, but it’s practicing the gay, lesbian lifestyle that’s sin,” he said.  “So if a person can say, ‘I’m gay,’ then okay, fine. You don’t practice it, you have to stay away.”

Rev. Graham, an evangelical Christian, said people practicing adultery were also sinning seriously and needed to repent or face God’s judgment.


“The same thing if somebody was committing adultery,” he said. Some  say, “‘Oh, but that’s fine, let them commit adultery -- God loves him.’ Of course, God loves him. But you’re committing adultery and that’s sin against God and God’s going to judge sin.”

“You just have to recognize that sin is serious business,” said the reverend.  “If it wasn’t serious, God would not  have sent His Son Jesus Christ to this world to die for our sins – if it wasn’t serious. It is serious and God is going to hold us accountable, to believers, and then He’s going to judge this world one day.”

“I believe that judgment is probably coming soon,” he said.  

Pastors and Christian churches in America need to get back to basics and teach the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, said Rev. Graham.

“But I believe the end is coming,” he said.  “I believe we’re in the midnight hour as far as God’s clock is concerned, and we may be in the last minutes.  But those last minutes may be another hundred years, I don’t know.”

Rev. Graham continued, “But when you see how quickly our country is deteriorating, how quickly the world is deteriorating morally, especially under this administration, we have seen that it has taken like a nosedive off of the moral diving board into just the cesspool of humanity.”

“I don’t understand why the church doesn’t see this and doesn’t wake up,” he said.  “I talk to people and they say, yes, things are bad and what can we do?  Well, we speak out, we preach the truth.”


“We let the gay and lesbian community know that we do love them,” said Rev. Graham. “But yet God is going to judge them, and we should love them enough to warn them. We need to be preaching the gospel.”

“There’s no hope for this country outside of God’s people taking a stand,” he said. “I think this next election is maybe the most important election in the history of this nation because if we don’t get some men and women of God running for public office, and voting for men and women who hold to biblical standards – and that is so important, and live those biblical standards – if we don’t do that, we’re going to lose this country.”

Franklin Graham, 62, is president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and also oversees the international Christian relief group Samaritan’s Purse.  He is married, has five children, and lives in Boone, N.C. 

Like his father Billy Graham, Pastor Franklin Graham frequently preaches at Christian revival crusades in the United States and around the world. He also often comments on current events on television and radio. 

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