Stephen Moore: Climate Change 'One of Greatest Propaganda Campaigns in World History’--'Very Stalinistic'

Michael W. Chapman | June 9, 2016 | 1:39pm EDT
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Economist and author Stephen

Moore. (Heritage Foundation) 

Commenting on the Obama administration’s high-pressure offensive to address global warming, leading economist and author Stephen Moore said it is “amazing” because this “dingbat idea of global climate change” is “one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in world history” executed by the political left.

During a June 3 radio interview on the nationally syndicated Janet Mefferd Today show, Moore, the founder of the Club for Growth and a former Wall Street Journal editorial board member, said, “It’s really amazing, I have to say. I have to tip my hat to the left: This has been one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in world history that the left has pulled off.”

“I mean, they’ve taken this dingbat idea of global climate change and they’ve put it in the schools, they’ve put it in the movies, they’ve put it in the media and the churches — you know, I’m Catholic, even the Pope talks about climate change,” said Moore, co-author of Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy.

 “So, it’s very alarming how this propaganda campaign, that they made this stuff out of, almost completely out of thin air and they’ve convinced millions and millions of thought leaders that this stuff is real,” said Moore, who is the Distinguished Visiting Fellow at the Heritage Foundation’s Project for Economic Growth.

Host Janet Mefferd then said, “And when you look at some of the statements of people at the U.N., for example – I’m just thinking of this off the top of my head -- they have no problems with things like population control. They don’t have any problem with that. So, you might make the leap in logic that if people were harmed and/or starved to death, eh, would they [climate change activists] really mind because it’s betterment of the planet, I suppose?”

Moore said, “Yes, it’s interesting, it’s very Stalinistic. Right? … It’s like, ‘You’re going to toe the line or were going to put you in jail.’ You mentioned the fact that now, if you question them, they’d put me in jail, if they could. Steve Moore is an environmental skeptic, let’s put him in jail.”

“It’s like the Spanish Inquisition,” he said.  “Truly, it’s frightening actually. These people don’t want dissent. They don’t believe in freedom of speech. They don’t think you have the right to question their religion of global warming.”

“They’re becoming more militaristic,” he said. “They are young Stalinists. I can’t go on college campuses today to even question their religion of global warming – and it is a religion, by the way. “

Mefferd said, “I think so too.”

Janet Mefferd Today is a nationally syndicated Christian radio talk show that airs on 150 affiliates across the United States. 

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