Trump: Rove 'Made a Fool Out of Himself'

By Michael W. Chapman | February 14, 2013 | 12:21am EST


Real estate mogul, author, and TV host Donald Trump. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Author, TV host, and real estate tycoon Donald Trump said that Republican political consultant Karl Rove “made a fool out of himself” in the 2012 elections, stressing how much money was spent on candidates who lost and how Rove reacted to the election results.

Trump made his remarks on the nationally syndicated talk-radio program The Mark Levin Show on Wednesday.  The exchange between Trump and Levin occurred as follows:

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Levin: “Well, we know as you pointed out, in the last election, I think he [Rove] won 1.3% of the elections he was involved in. I would say to the wealthy donors out there, why do you keep donating to him? Why don’t you donate to all these groups that are actually grassroots, that are actually effective, that are actually out there fighting?  Don’t you agree with that?”

Trump:  “Well, he’s got a forum on Fox and I’m a big Roger Ailes fan and I’m a big Fox fan. But they do give him a forum. They give me a forum also, in all fairness, so, you know, who am I to complain? He’s got a big forum on Fox and I guess, maybe, without that he would have nothing going because he really made a fool out of himself in this last election, not only in the way he reacted but also I think, most importantly, just taking $400 million and throwing it right out the window, right down the drain.”

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