New HuffPost Site Funded By Government Motors

Mike Ciandella | August 14, 2012 | 10:27am EDT
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Obama's bailout saved GM; now GM’s Cadillac is a founding sponsor of the new lefty "HuffPost Live."

Cadillac is a proud founding partner of the liberal Huffington Post’s new offshoot “HuffPost Live,” according to the “HuffPost Live” site. General Motors (GM), which makes Cadillac, was bought by the U.S. government during the auto bailout. The government and taxpayers still own 500 million shares of GM, which amount to a 26 percent stake in the company, according to The Detroit News.

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The video streaming operation includes the advertisement: “HuffPost Live is proud to have Cadillac as our founding partner.” That ad appears every time visitors go to the page or hit refresh. In addition, the HuffPost Live site includes another ad for Cadillac, as well as one for Verizon. But only Cadillac is called a “founding partner.”

HuffPost Live offers a way for those who comment on Huffington Post articles to more easily voice their opinions through a video chat format. The site launched Monday, after a video announcement from Arianna Huffington herself, and Roy Sekoff, a Founding Editor of the Huffington Post and the President of HuffPost Live. According to Huffington, “This shift from presentation to participation is what fuels HuffPost Live.”

At 39 million unique visitors a month, the Huffington Post is “one of the most dominant web-only information services anywhere,” according to an August Townhall article. The Huffington Post is a mixture of hardcore liberal politics, celebrity postings and “link bait,” designed to drive traffic to the site.

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