Rush: 'Nobody Remembers What the AP Top Story of 2010 Was,' 2011 List 'Out Of Touch' With Public

By Patrick Burke | December 20, 2011 | 1:25pm EST

During yesterday’s show, Rush Limbaugh criticized the Associated Press selections for the top ten news stories of 2011. AP placed the death of bin Laden, the earthquake in Japan and the Arab Spring in the top three spots on the list - positions Limbaugh reserved for the economy.

Limbaugh said the economy - not the death of bin Laden - is the number one issue on peoples’ minds:

“Now if that doesn’t show you how out of touch the news media is, I don’t know what does.”

After reading the AP’s “top ten stories,” Limbaugh offered his own list of top stories for 2011:

“The economy, (then) the economy: that’s two. The economy number three; the economy number four: the economy number five: the economy number six; the economy number seven: the economy number eight; the economy number nine; -  and, Obama caused it: number ten.”

Limbaugh also cited AP’s selection of the top story from 2010 as further proof of how out of touch the media are:

“Just a year ago, see this is, this is how much this stuff is really worth - nobody remembers what the AP top story of 2010 was.”

“It was the BP oil spill, the BP oil spill one year ago was AP’s number one story of the year – which, of course, ended up being a non-story. It was a non-starter, it was a non-story.”

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