HuffPost 'Reimagines' Marriage - To Include Sexbots

Paul Wilson | December 22, 2011 | 3:59pm EST
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In its latest attack on traditional marriage, Huffington Post has taken to de-stigmatizing marrying sexbots.

Yes, there are companies out there, like True Companion, that make sex robots, and market them as being actual companions, not just sex toys. But, did Huffington Post really have to publish an article about this and explore the practicality of marrying such an unholy creation?

A Dec. 20 piece in the Huffington Post, titled “Can Loving a Robot Lead to Divorce,” raised the possibility of marriage with robots, and examined the potential effects of sexbots on existing human relationships.

The article is written by Huffington Post blogger Vicki Larson – who just happens to be “collaborating on a book on reimagining marriage” called "The New I Do."

“Reimagining marriage,” eh? Like, with robots?

“[I]magine that for a certain percentage of the population it's not only not fantasy but preferable to relationships with humans,” Larson writes.

It’s extremely telling that the article examines the legal logistics of marrying, and mating with, robots – not, the morality or ethics of doing so. Typical Liberalism: there is no “right” or “wrong,” just “legal” or “illegal.”

The Huffington Post piece quotes attorney Sonya Ziala, who addressed questions, such as whether or not a sexbot would cause jealousy in an existing relationship, and whether a married person having sex with a robot would, legally, constitute infidelity. Ziala even examined the liability issues that could be raised by lawsuits charging robot-induced infidelity.

The article also quotes artificial intelligence expert David Levy, who cited same-sex marriage as one precedent for marriage to sexbots. In a 2007 interview with, Levy forecast that marriage for robots would occur by 2050, noting that, 50 years ago, same-sex marriage was illegal.

But, look at us now, Levy argues.

Yes, indeed, just look: traditional marriage is under constant assault, being marginalized, mocked – and “reimagined” - by left-wing media.

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