Planned Parenthood PAC Seeks Thank You Notes for Doctors' ‘Courage and Compassion’

Penny Starr | July 28, 2015 | 10:44am EDT
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Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s Political Action Committee posted two requests on its Facebook page for supporters to sign “thank you” notes for doctors and other staff employed at its abortion clinics.

The nation’s largest abortion provider posted a request for visitors to express thanks for the organization’s staff at its clinics, which performed 327,653 abortions in one year, according to its most recent annual report.

“If you appreciate the dedication, courage, and compassion of Planned Parenthood health center staff, sign and share this card to let them know!

“We are so grateful for the Planned Parenthood nurses and doctors providing health care to patients—every day, #Standwith PP,” the post added.

The second request indirectly acknowledges the controversy surrounding the organization’s trafficking of organs harvested from aborted babies following undercover video produced and released by The Center from Medical Progress that shows medical staff discussing the practice.



“It's been a tough couple of weeks for Planned Parenthood health center staff — the nurses, doctors, receptionists, educators, and more who provide compassionate care all day long. Show them your support by signing our thank you card!” the second request stated.

“If you appreciated the dedication, courage, and compassion of our nurses, doctors, and other staff sign your name, and add your own personal note,” it added.


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