It's Up To US To Limit The Powers Of 'King' Obama

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | January 29, 2013 | 11:20am EST

There seems to be a pall hanging over too many Americans - a sense of defeatism and resignation - regarding the arrogant avalanche of Executive Orders coming from the stick of President Obama.

Many are acting as if nothing can be done, as if we Americans are fated to lose control over routine aspects of our life and destined to be transformed individually and locally by Obama's campaign to "transform America" to socialism and weakness.

We are hoping he will, on his own, self-limit his ambitions over us. But, that attitude is more suited for subjects toward a King as opposed to the American model of We the People to whom a President is limited by a Constitution.

He is but the highest elected national official, but is not sovereign - unless we shirk our responsibility and power to maintain things as they should be.

Obama's powers will be as strong as we allow them to be. His authority and willingness to live beyond limits will materialize only to the degree that we accept his version of the Presidency, one contrary to the Constitutional limits our Founders established to protect the people from would-be authoritarian figures such as he. We seem to be acting as if he is king instead of taking up the power of the people -- our power -- bequeathed to us by our Constitution. Unlike other countries, we are blessed by a Constitution that delineates and limits a President's power. But it's up to the people to make the case and take action.

Though we cannot be assured how successful we will be when challenging him on a particular issue, nonetheless we must challenge him on everything and everywhere. Short of issues of defense, we can challenge him in courts and we can publicly protest - not only against the particular mandate but by constantly indicting him for his living above the law and usurping powers not granted him by the Constitution.

In the areas of education, personal health care, self-defense, cultural matters, etc. we should protest and make a loud ruckus at school board meeting, town halls and zoning boards when Obama's overreach interferes and intrudes with local jurisdiction safeguarded and enshrined in the Constitution. Each challenge will certainly slow up his blitzkrieg and many will result in overturning his brazen overreach. Except for the radical Left and dependency-class that yearns for an imperial socialist presidency, most Americans will slowly become alarmed by a President driven by ambitions too far : but only if we keep reminding them and repeating the charge.

There are some things a Congress can do to stop Obama's transformation, but much is in our hands-as it should be. In fact, a bastion of countervailing power resides among state legislators and certainly state governors. We should be seen at State Houses and our presence felt on the streets.

The Founders provided us a Constitution as a way of affirming our challenge to authoritarianism, but knew that a government by the people was only as strong as a people willing to enforce this concept and reign-in dangerous and sweet-talking demagogues.

The Left would never rely on the good-will of a conservative President if over-reaching, but would challenge and harangue about him every minute. So should we. In politics and government, a nation's destiny and its commitment to rule of law depends upon citizens using the power they have. If The People do not use their power while they still can, such power will no longer be available when they decide, too late, to find it.

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push BackReclaiming our AmericanJudeo-Christian Spirit and president of Caucus for America.



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