Manhattan's Upper West Side Bigots Wage War On Wholesomeness

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | January 17, 2012 | 2:07pm EST

The New York Times published an Op-ed Saturday (Jan. 14) which once again demonstrates what many of us have long known about certain New York liberals: They actually are bigots and racists – against Whites, especially if those whites are too Christian and too patriotic.

Lee Siegel, author of the opinion piece and member of the New York liberal clique, denounced Mitt Romney as being too white, “the whitest of the white candidates.” Too many in Siegel’s crowd negatively judge everyone by race if that race is white.

The only way to expiate the “sin” of being white is if one endorses a liberalism that denounces things too white and too Christian, too American, and promotes a political correctness that demands the majority forfeit its needs and rights, just for a few decades, in favor of whatever group happens to be the preferred minority of the day.

Siegel’s prejudice squares with the now famous remark made in those circles when viewing a picture of the Romney family: “Looking at those gorgeous wives and kids, all that wholesomeness stuff, makes me want to vomit.”

Yes, jealousy and envy often do evoke self-sickness. Upper West Side liberals have been able to take the spotlight off their own prejudice by successfully labeling the average American a bigot. While most Americans, since the 60s, were undergoing introspection in that area, Manhattan’s liberals were free to continue mired in their own bigotry against the majority and self-righteously absolve themselves of their own need for some honest introspection.

Many of us have known of this complex for years -- the envy toward those handsome and strong, beautiful and poised, healthy-looking Romney family-types -- as we were privy to the never ending snide remarks. The bigotry is rendered a virtue by conjuring up the notion that whites are true bigots and thus it’s OK, indeed virtuous, to dishonor and mock them. In other words, there’s bigotry for the wrong reason – but, an allowable type, our type, is acceptable because it’s for the right reason: They deserve it.

Siegel whitewashes his racism by stating that whites, especially Evangelicals, want Romney so as to be “rid of being led by a Black President, something many whites find unbearable.” Only a big-time bigot against whites, sure of his own purity, could so indict fellow countrymen as inchoate Klansman. Siegel is fundamentally wrong. It’s projection at its worst.

It’s Obama’s disdain for the country and its values that bothers us, his socialism, his indifference and arrogance, his making us vulnerable and weak to foreign threats.

Obama’s romantic affinity to political Islam is beginning to make us worried. We dislike him because he seems to dislike us.

But Siegel, raised as were so many in his circle, can’t believe that we Americans are motivated by anything other than race, not even by hopes for our children’s future. But what can you expect from a New York liberal who knows nothing beyond the NY metro area (except L.A. and southern Florida) and was raised to despise his fellow countrymen for their sin of being white, Christian and from the majority. And Mormon.

Proof of Mr. Romney’s whiteness, Siegel asserts, is his constant “reference to the Founding Fathers” and to “America the Beautiful”. Naturally, to those of Siegel’s ilk, anyone too admiring of America’s past must be a racist. He’s obsessed by race, deep down, evidently, by his own sense of otherness and the emotional insecurity that comes with it.

But, the country should not suffer for it. He’s indicative of so many who don’t see America as beautiful and wish to fundamentally transform her. Even the Founding Fathers, indeed, our founding itself, is, for Siegel and friends, displeasing from the beginning, rooted in a “whiteness” that must be permanently over-turned.

So let’s not be impressed by their liberalism. It’s really a bunch of un-repentant, smug bigots who have- it-in for the majority white population and will use every high and lofty sounding policy initiative to make Americans feel guilt and contempt for themselves so as to forever change the essence of America. It’s a power play.

And one more thing: All their talk about tolerance and their lofty and high-sounding rhetoric about “rights” – it’s simply a call for base hedonism, the desire to live without moral standards and their unwillingness for society to have a moral standard of right and wrong.

It’s a war against wholesomeness.

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