Not All Moslems Are Jihadists - But, Too Many Are

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | April 24, 2013 | 11:25am EDT

After the shootings at Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut, liberals insisted that guns be banned since guns are used to kill. While it is a question whether guns kill or actually the people who pull the trigger, there can be no question that Islamic terrorists do kill, and want to kill.

Accordingly, liberals should be the first to demand that we ban from our midst all Islamic terrorists. Right? Well, not exactly.

Those serious about removing this scourge from our country need only look at which demographic group is consistently supplying the jihadists in our midst. Without doubt, it comes from a particular segment: younger Moslem men from overseas Moslem countries and those who are zealous, "devout," in the cause of Islamism. The Boston Bomber, Times Square Bomber, Fort Hood Bomber, the Seattle Bomber, the Christmas Day Bomber - all fit that exact profile.

Yet, the Left keeps insisting that we extend visas to students from Moslem countries, and during the Obama years immigration from those hostile regions has swelled to epidemic proportions. It is also against profiling the very group that logically and necessarily needs to be profiled.

There is something suicidal and pathologic about liberal elitists who champion the importation into our neighborhoods of those who want to kill us and topple our liberty-dispensing Constitutional system and replace it with shariah law, inviting-in those who dream of rivers of American blood as a libation to their god.

The impetus driving many liberals derives from their hatred of-America, a self-loathing, and insane worship of multiculturalism. They disdain our American ethos and culture and see no value in national integrity and, thus, demand that we open America to everyone as proof of our worthiness to exist.

Manhattan's Upper West Side is full of influential people who, as heard on the street, were hoping the terrorists were "white." They did not want to see any temporary halt to the Islamic immigration vital to their cherished vision of an America forever altered of its white and Christian composition. This liberal racism and bigotry exists, but is never reported.

But self-respecting Americans who, unlike left/liberals, love this country and know of our historic good will need not prove our tolerance to anyone. This is our country and we must do that which safeguards our life and limb. It is not incumbent upon us to prove our worthiness to would-be Moslem immigrants but upon them to prove themselves 100% to us. We must begin valuing our lives and dignity more than we value and fear political correctness. Unlike liberals, we don't slavishly crave Moslem acceptance of us as a way to validate our worth.

It has been reported that the Boston Bombers, strong enough to carry heavy bombs and clever enough to evade police, were, together with their parents, not working but living off welfare, our largess. Americans were working all day and being taxed to support the very people who planned to, and did, kill us. I don't know if there is a precedent in history where a society has been so brainwashed in guilt as to underwrite outsiders who come to kill them.

No immigrant should be granted access to this country in order sponge off the sacrifices of hard-working Americans. Historically, that was never the case. Indeed in England and other parts of Europe, many jihadists are free to plan their jihad against the local citizenry precisely because they live off welfare and thus have time to organize their assaults.

Worse, it seems the more they freely live off the system, the more they hate the country and its people. Nor should any guest in this country, including imams, be allowed to convey that "infidels" are to be destroyed and our Constitution replaced by shariah law and attitudes.

One prominent TV commentator labeled these immigrants "refugees fighting for their homeland." But the facts are often just the opposite. They are not innocent victims, but part of a worldwide Islamic uprising and colonialism in dozens of countries in which Moslems claim as their "homeland" lands that have been for centuries in the hands of Christians and Hindus but are under assault once the Moslem population reaches above 25%.

Such is the case in Lebanon, southern Asia, the Balkans, lands surrounding India, the South Pacific, Israel, and in much of Africa --- vast regions and countries historically non-Muslim. Most often Muslims are not victims but perpetrators and, like the Boston Bombers from Chechnya, dream of turning our land, America, into a new Islamic "homeland."

For two nights, Fox's Greta van Susteren repeatedly wondered how it is that two young men granted citizenship here, plus scholarships, good schooling and American comforts, could viciously turn against their benefactor, America, and the Americans who treated them so well? Many westerners erroneously assume that all cultures and religions share our western values. But Islam is not western-far from it. It places itself above country, patriotism and nationhood.

"Devout" parents will forgo the natural love for daughters and subject them to honor killings with their own hands.  And so it is with gratitude. Acts of kindness from "infidels" are not seen as reason for reciprocity and kindness-returned, but manifestations of how Allah has subdued the infidel in service to the believer and Islamic goals.

We need not feel guilt nor should we be forced to ignore our personal safety of body and security for hearth and home by so-called "civil libertarians" who are nothing of the kind, rather enablers of a tear-down America agenda.

For too long we have allowed our protection to be waylaid and submissive to the inane cliché: "But not all Moslems are terrorists"... as if we have no right to protect ourselves until all Moslems are terrorists. Nonsense! There comes a point when the threat level reaches urgency. We are there. How many more children must be killed, limbs lost, grieving families forever torn asunder?

While not all Moslems are jihadists, too many are, and far too many hope that Islamic ways and anti-liberty shariah will one day control America. Not all mosques are zealous, but too many are dangerously so and require our attention. Besides, in the moral realm this cliché is immaterial. The essential matter is the protection of our lives and limb - and our families. In classic morality saving life and limb far outweighs other considerations, especially faddish "sensitivity" foolishness that cares more about everyone else than us, the regular, law-abiding American citizen.

Liberals speak of the "New Normal", a defeatist acceptance of Islamic terrorism here. Heaven forbid. Liberals never have the stomach or conviction to fight enemies of America.  Mr. Obama's sympathies with Islam are well documented and we, the American people, cannot count on him.

Worse, he has made it difficult for our FBI, law enforcement, and military to do the job. His priorities will continue to be skewed, guided by a curious, inverted morality. So, Speaker Boehner: Step up to the plate. Begin acting like the second most powerful man in America. We are counting on you.

Editor's Note: Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of Push Back and president of Caucus for America.

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