Now Is The Time To Push Back

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | August 27, 2012 | 1:32am EDT

The recent lines of Americans coming out publicly to show their support for Chick-fil-A was a vital, and wonderful, demonstration of Americans pushing back against those in government and media who are zealously trying to control too many aspects of our lives and forcing us to accept mandates against our conscience.

It was not only a push back by citizens in behalf of religious freedom, but a rebuke of those elected officials who would deny a business the right to conduct business, as the mayors in Chicago, Boston, and D.C., suggested, if owners do not conform to the beliefs these elected officials wish to impose on us, We the People.

In my newly released book Push Back (Amazon, Kindle, Books a Million), I passionately make the case that it is up to us, the American citizen, to begin publicly, with our feet and voices, pushing back against a liberal/left ruling clique who have every intention of radically transforming the country and limiting and even denying us liberty. For the first time in our history, the challenge to fundamental freedoms, sovereignty, and opportunity are coming from powerful and wealthy liberal forces within the country.

As I write in the book: “We can no longer rely on our soldiers overseas to defend us, for, this time, the war is stateside, within, and we must be the civic soldiers in our own battle to preserve what has been our history and way of life.”

At stake is our very national identity, which is embodied in the Judeo-Christian ethos, a moral outlook that goes beyond social and religious issues. It enshrines the value of personal responsibility, accountability, and the right for Americans to be the best they can be. As the book states: “Obamaism is not borne in some type of  moral generosity but in actual vindictiveness and a desire to penalize hard working average Americans and weaken that which has made us robust: a vibrant, self-sufficient middle class.”

He, like so many in the left who see themselves as a permanent ruling class, does not like historic Americanism or even vast swaths of the American people themselves. They don’t like who we are and what we stand for. For them, it’s personal.

Liberals are using the phrase “social justice” to persuade us to forfeit God-given liberties and the income we have earned to keep our families afloat. They will steal our dreams! But, as the book states, “when they speak of ‘social justice’ what they really want is socialism,” with a ruling clique calling the shots and even changing the character of the rugged, self-reliant American individual. Push Back continues: “It is ludicrous for Americans to relinquish rights they had before Barak Obama was even born”. Similarly, it is “unacceptable that a man from outside come to your centuries-old home and tell you what furniture you can keep and what part of your property you must give to him.”

Throughout the book, I demonstrate that it is we conservatives who hold the moral high ground and must inwardly feel and exhibit the confidence of those who know their cause is correct and just. Liberals have hijacked the moral terminology of compassion, love, tolerance, fairness and peace to create a revolution through words in order to rob us of that which is ours. It is obvious that liberals are very selective to whom they grant tolerance and compassion. It is not to us—and deliberately so. Capitalism, readers will read, is the most moral of all economic paradigms.

Even many clergy, left-wing from childhood in their attitude, are guilty of what I term “religious correctness” and have co-opted the Bible in service to socialism and redistribution, transnationalism and appeasement.

The book’s subtitle is Reclaiming our American Judeo-Christian Spirit. To survive and flourish, a nation needs a national identity. Absent that, it becomes something else, and other dangerous and oppressive ideologies take its place. So, Let’s Roll!

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