Obama-Clinton Blaming Video For Benghazi Attack Did More To Incite Than The Filmmaker Himself

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | October 23, 2012 | 1:32pm EDT

By now everyone knows the attack on our embassy and the deaths of four American consulate members in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept.11, was a coordinated military attack by Al Qaeda Islamists. It was planned well in advance so as to coincide with the anniversary of Sept. 11 -- their day of "glory" -- and was not a consequence of some obscure video released months prior. Indeed, the Obama administration knew the facts within 24 hours of the assault and was even repeatedly warned of the possibility beforehand by our professionals on the ground in Libya.

Yet President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and administration spokesmen continued ad nauseum for almost two weeks to blame the Benghazi attack on a spontaneous crowd incensed over a video instead of what it was: an attack that was anticipated by the embassy staff and our intelligence gatherers yet ignored by a careless, amateurish, and indifferent Obama administration.

It is now obvious that the Obama administration was for two weeks engaged in a cover-up of epic magnitude, a deliberate cover-up of the first order.

The President interprets his “responsibility” as a mandate to investigate what happened. But true responsibility would have been shown by a concern to heed the warnings so as to not let the carnage happen at all. We “look to him” not for what he will now find out – we already know – but as to why Obama let it happen to begin with.

People who “care” about others do whatever they can from the get-go to save others from harm – not talk about how much they “care” after those who depended on them are now dead. Indeed, he seemed, throughout many days of cover-up, more anguished over a video depicting Islam in a negative light than the actual killing of Americans.

One wonders what was more grievous: Obama and Hillary’s brazen and extended lie to the American people or the obsequious and personal anguish they repeatedly displayed over what they considered an assault on the honor of Islam, going so far as to arrest the filmmaker of the video for his sin of criticizing Islam. This arrest was a dangerous first in American history.

There were two things at play here beyond the cover-up. First is Obama’s need to constantly whitewash any bad actions perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam.  He still refuses to call the Fort Hood massacre by a stealth jihadist an act of Islamic terrorism.

His administration won’t label it terrorism, rather workplace violence. It seems that, in the mind of Obama, despicable and violent deeds done in the name of Islam by Islamists are never something organic to their ideology or due to a particular reading of the Koran, but instead are a defense by Muslims of Islam's honor.

For Hillary Clinton, blaming the video is part of her campaign to elevate the proposed “blasphemy laws” she has seriously considered during her meetings with Arab representatives at the U.N.

By indicting the video as the cause of mob violence, Hillary was carrying the water for those in the Arab world consciously answering criticism of Islam with death and destruction. She made the equation for blasphemy laws. This will provide her many IOUs from the Arab delegates she will call upon to help her future coronation as UN Secretary General many believe she covets.

But even more insidious than all this is how Obama, Clinton and Rice were engaged in doing the very thing they condemned in others. A video does not in itself incite, rather the publicizing of the video.

Obama and Clinton repeatedly promoted the video scenario and kept talking about it to the world, indeed the entire Arab world. Every minute they kept blaming a video was a minute they were adding fuel to the fire. Indeed, they created the fire to begin with by heightening the video scenario. They played a larger role than the filmmaker himself.

Unlike the producer of the film, a Coptic Christian, who could well have made the film as a result of  suffering under the hands of Islamists and wishing to warn people, Clinton, Rice and Obama promoted a video scenario for their own selfish political reasons. Hard core leftists are historically skillful at this modus operandi: blame and castigate someone else for doing the very thing you are doing.

So much of the devastation that happened during those two weeks came about by politicians who knew exactly what would happen.

In this country, a businessman who would produce a food product that he deliberately mislabeled would be fined and penalized. A businessman who deliberately lied about his product to save money and consequently purchasers were harmed would be behind bars.

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