The Wake-Up Call Has Sounded

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | September 14, 2012 | 4:32pm EDT

No doubt, it’s hard for people to give up their life-long attachments and identity. But there are moments in history when a turning point arrives and those with eyes to see and ears to hear recognize it. Many Jews have made political liberalism their religion and personal identity and the Democrat Party their unexamined home and comfort zone. But everything changed last week.

Rarely do modern day political conventions startle. Last week’s Democrat National Convention, however, was earth shaking and a warning to Jews to wake up. Democrat delegates decided to stick-it to Israel. We no longer care, they roared, if Israel remains a Jewish state: flood her heartland with millions of so-called Palestinians whose goal is to make the state Islamic. We will not condemn Hamas for targeting Jewish population centers with rockets. Jerusalem is not Israel’s indivisible capital but should be divided, like Berlin was. Such was the undeniable sentiment of the delegates at the Convention.

After objections from outside the Convention, the Chairman reinstated support for Jerusalem. But he was resoundingly booed. The world saw how those boos far outweighed the yeas. My fellow Jews, the boos were for you, those boos were for Israel, a successful Israel that sticks in the craw of a leftist, socialist mindset that sees Israel not as the beacon of freedom and accomplishment she is, but as something outside the leftist ideological orbit. Sure, they will take your contributions and your votes, but they don’t want your Israel and they expect you to forgo distinctly Jewish needs on the altar of leftism. We saw not liberalism but hard core leftism, and we saw a home where the welcome mat is quite conditional.

The prophet Daniel saw the Writing on the Wall. All too often throughout our history, we Jews have failed to see the writing on the wall. We are afraid to see that which is a game changer and so we deny events we wish were not happening. After all, who wants to change the comfort zone?

It was a Convention, like the last four years of the Obama administration, reveling in class war fare. Class war fare, like Occupy Wall Street and other scapegoating calls, has never been good for the Jews. We are often the scapegoat of those envious.

Too often, we Jews have been beguiled into believing that Jews in positions of power have our interests at heart. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is but the latest who would have us think that she is “doing what is good for the Jews” when, in fact, she is and will continue to do what is good for Debbie and her powerbase.

Job openings are way down, 50% of college graduates, our children, can’t find jobs, and Mr. Obama will continue to weaken national security and thus the safety of our families… and continue to make it more difficult for Israel to survive. For many, all this is secondary and expendable for their more important agenda of abortion on demand and gay marriage. How frivolous, how irresponsible!

We can determine what truly is important in a person when he is forced to choose between two values. Since when is it a Jewish value to condemn Israel to misery just so one can be assured of abortion anytime under any circumstance? Most of your grandparents would have chosen Israel over abortion and gay marriage. As our sages tell us: “The wages of immorality is further immorality”.

President Obama has time to meet with Muslim Brotherhood Morsi of Egypt who has declared his intention to get rid Israel, but Mr. Obama has no time to meet with Israel’s Netanyahu whose country is under imminent nuclear threat from Iran. This speaks volumes—to those willing to see the facts as they truly are.

My friends, get off the train, now. The track is moving in a very dangerous direction. You will not prevail over the trend; on the contrary, you will become part of the trend. True, you will be forced to stop your demonizing of Republicans. You will have to wipe away the gruesome fantasies you have concocted about Republicans and conservative Americans. That’s OK. In fact, it is a nice thing to do and is good for the soul.

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