Catholic Priest to Planned Parenthood: History ‘Will Lump’ You With ‘Slave Traders, the Nazis, the Communists’

Rachel Hoover | July 29, 2016 | 2:37pm EDT
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Fr. John Hollowell, the

archdiocese of 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

“We have no doubt that in 20 or 50 or 100 years, other societies and other civilizations will look back and will lump your organization in with the slave traders, the Nazis, the communists, all those groups that have always sought to oppress people,” said Fr. John Hollowell, a Catholic priest of the archdiocese of Indianapolis, in a video message to Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Hollowell uploaded the video to YouTube in February 2012, when Richards called for women to make videos with the tagline ‘I Have a Say,’ explaining why birth control is important to them.

The video has garnered 148,254 views, far more than Richards’ video, which has pulled in 37,573 views. The Catholic site Roman Catholic Man recently re-posted the video. 

“I wanted to take her [Richards] up on the offer even though I’m not a woman, because I think that all people have a say in our country,” said Hollowell in the video.

“My parents chose sacrifice over selfishness, and because they chose to give me life, I do have a say,” he continued. “You, of course, have worked very hard to push the total number of those in our country who never had a chance to have a say well above the 50 million mark: those who have been victims of abortion.”

“You’ve also worked very hard to push that number even higher through, although you try to keep it secret, the number of those children who’ve been aborted through the use of contraception and the birth control pill,” said Hollowell. “Thanks to you, many never have had a say. But I do.”

Hollowell, a high school teacher as well as a priest, also discussed the attitude of youth toward Planned Parenthood.

“As an educator of young people, I can tell you that the pamphlets hanging from my door that link breast cancer with contraception, and the pamphlets that link abortion and contraception, and abortion and breast cancer, are flying off those doors faster than I can replace them,” he said.

“Our young people in our schools are devouring and want to know more, and are no longer content to be fed the lies that your organization continues to put out,” said Fr. Hollowell.  

“Our young people are hungry for the truth, and our young people are hungry as well for the Church’s understanding of what authentic human sexuality looks like, and how to express that self-giving love and that self-sacrificial love in the sexual act that takes place,” he said.

“We have no doubt that in 20 or 50 or 100 years, other societies and other civilizations will look back and will lump your organization in with the slave traders, the Nazis, the communists, all those groups that have always sought to oppress people,” said the priest.

Fr. Hollowell then challenges Richards and Planned Parenthood to a “battle” with the Catholic Church.

Cecile Richards, president of 

Planned Parenthood, the nation's

largest abortion provider. (AP) 

“I have a say, and we have a say, and I say this,” remarks Fr. Hallowell.  “The Catholic Church has certainly been humbled in recent decades through the sins and crimes of some of our priests and bishops and other people acting in the name of the Church,” he remarks.

“I have this to say, though: You better knock us out now,” he says.  “You and the president, in seeking to silence the Church, seeking to silence those who also believe that they have a say--you and the president better knock us out right now. Because Cecile, I can promise you, here comes the Catholic Church.”

“Our seminaries and our convents are bursting at the seams, at least those convents that have not bought in to your agenda of the culture of death and the lies that you seek to spread,” says Fr. Hollowell.  

“Our convents and our seminaries are exploding at the seams with young people ready to spread the love, to satiate that thirst that our young people have for authentic teaching, for truth, who are no longer content to be fed by your lies,” he says.  “The young people who have seen a third of their generation wiped out by abortion, our generations now coming into service in the Church, will not be swayed by your lies and your half-truths.”

“Cecile, I can promise you, here comes the Catholic Church,” says the young priest. “you, and the president, and this mainstream media have awakened a sleeping giant. Cecile, here comes the Catholic Church.”


“You and your organization have set yourself up as a sworn enemy of our faith from the very beginning,” he says,  “from your foundress Margaret Sanger, who interestingly, we never hear much about from you. We would think that an organization would actually be proud of their founders. I wonder why you aren’t.”

“But we have heard from her, Margaret Sanger, all the way through to you,” he relates. “We have seen that you are a sworn enemy of the Catholic Church. You have set yourself in direct opposition to us. And, while that battle may have gone on quietly in the shadows in the past, our two sides now step into the ring. The gloves are off, we step into the spotlight, ready to do battle with one another.”

“We’ve gone long enough and were going to get it on,” says the priest, “because we don’t get along, as Muhammed Ali once said. And as J.R.R. Tolkein, the famous Catholic novelist once noted, the board is set, the pieces are now in motion, at last we come to it, the great battle of our age.”

Hollowell was accused in of  “anti-gay indoctrination” by gay rights activists in 2011 for teaching his students what the Catholic Church teaches about sexuality. He was the executive producer of a crowd-sourced documentary on the Church’s teachings on homosexuality called ‘The Third Way,’ and he also blogs, writes, and runs a YouTube channel.

Cecile Richard's video, "I Have a Say," can be viewed here

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