Jonah Goldberg: Fascists Hated Free Markets And Traditional Values

By Ron Meyer | August 20, 2012 | 9:21am EDT

In a promotional video for Young America's Foundation's new film, The Conservatives (which students can order for free here), Jonah Goldberg outlines the pillars of conservatism, while pointing out that these pillars were hated by fascists.

Talking about fascism might seem dramatic, but at YAF, students tell us this is one of the insults they hear most on campus. History professors often call fascists a “far-right” ideology without knowing the facts, leading leftist students to hurl it at conservative activists on campus.

To fix this problem, Goldberg says students should use history to turn this liberal argument on its head.

"Both of these [conservative] pillars were exactly what the fascists stood against. The fascists hated traditional Christianity. They hated traditional values. And, they hated libertarianism. They hated freedom. They hated individualism. They hated free markets."

Few people really know the ideology behind fascism, and Goldberg points out that fascism is actually an extreme liberal ideology, similar to communism, rather than anything from the far-right.

That’s not saying liberals are fascists, but it does mean that fascism was rooted in national socialism and an extremely powerful federal government—the antithesis to conservatism.

Recently, we’ve seen too much name calling from the Left, especially from MSNBC, where it’s commonplace to call conservatives racists and radicals. There’s a reason.

"When liberals call conservatives fascists, it's because they want conservatives to shut up. It's the same reason they immediately call conservatives racists."

Ad hominem attacks are a clear act of desperation, but sometimes it works on campus. Students who aren’t used to these tactics are often scared off because they don’t want to be labeled.

Hopefully, this video will help give them the intellectual ammo they need. This semester, some on the Left might calls students bad names for supporting entitlement reform and lower taxes. Don’t let it stand.

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