'Sex Fest' Comes To Allegheny College: 'Food! Games! Condoms!'

By Ron Meyer | March 7, 2012 | 11:50am EST

Young America's Foundation activist Cortney O’Brien at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA, examines the Sex Fest event coming to her school this Friday, March 9:

“Condoms, Cupcakes, Copulation!” One of these things is not like the other. But, here at Allegheny College, feminist groups are treating sexual intercourse like a party with slogans such as these.

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According to the event’s Facebook page, Allegheny’s SexFest, sponsored by the school’s Reproductive Health Coalition, is meant to promote sexual health awareness. In the main Campus Center lobby this Friday, attendees will enjoy food and play games while learning about sexual health issues.

In addition to playing games, attendees will have the chance to purchase items from a company called Pure Romance. This organization has a similar party theme when speaking about sexual activity: “Empower. Educate. Entertain.” Founded by Patty Brisben, who is described by The Globe and Mail as “a churchgoing mother of four who sells sex toys at private, in-home gatherings not unlike Tupperware parties,” Pure Romance sells performance enhancing sex toys and lubricants.

Their website lists items such as “vaginal vibrators,” “tie me up tape, “anal play” toys and many other bondage-type products to promote sadomasochism. In Allegheny’s Campus Center, this company will be selling its wares in arguably the most frequented location on campus.

The event comes a few months after Allegheny’s first Slutwalk, which encouraged female students to march through campus in promiscuous clothing, chanting their right to act sexually without having to worry about being raped. In a sense, it promoted the idea that they should be able to sleep with a number of different partners without being called a slut.

This seems a bit ironic in the context of the media frenzy over Rush Limbaugh's comments on Sandra Fluke.

Like Slutwalk, SexFest is likely to persuade students to be promiscuous without having to consider the consequences by treating sex as a form of entertainment.

Even though this event that has been featured at a number of campuses across the country, such as Ithaca College, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, Allegheny shouldn’t want to add its name to the list. One message these events don’t advertise is that sexual activity could lead to…STDs! Therefore, what is promoted as an event for sexual health awareness could actually encourage an overall unhealthy environment.

And, as it turns sexuality into a fad, Allegheny’s SexFest may unfortunately encourage students to forget the sacredness of sex, making the act of waiting until marriage completely extinct.

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