Hannity: ‘Americans Are Going to Die Because What Happened in France Is Coming Here’

Sam Dorman | November 25, 2015 | 4:46pm EST
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During his nationally syndicated radio show Tuesday, host Sean Hannity lamented the fact that Obama doesn't even know who the  enemy is and stated that "Americans are going to die, because what happened in France is coming here."

“My God, people are going to die over this stupidity,” Hannity said. “Americans are going die, because what happened in France is coming here, and we’re inviting them in. He’s gambling with your life.”

Below is a transcript of Hannity’s comments:

“It’s just bizarre, but that’s the world we’re living in. This is Obama’s rigid, unbending ideological commitment to never ever under any circumstances ever, ever say anything remotely critical of Islam, including not even uttering the phrase ‘radical Islam’ or ‘radical islamist’ or ‘Islamic radicalism.’ Reverse the terms any way you want. He won’t say it.  Why? Not because it’s not the truth, because it fits into his left-leaning world view.

“Lieutenant General Mike Flynn, Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Obama, he had  astonishing words about this president. He says, ‘I think this issue of not meeting a narrative out of the White House, which meant, don’t talk about radical Islam, don’t talk about this being a form of radicalization of the Islamic religion, which, in fact, it is.’ It is a cancer inside the Islamic religion, and the White House and this president frankly don’t want to say that.”

Obama: “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”

“Of course not, can’t be the future. So there you have it, a top member of Obama’s own administration saying he does not want to talk about radicalization, Islamic terrorism, radical Islamism. The Islamic religion that everybody knows what’s going on, but Obama -- the only one on the face of the earth -- continues to deny.  Delusional, with a capital D.

“You know, in response to the White House claims they were getting faulty intelligence on ISIS and were downplaying this threat, General Flynn reacted with anger. He said, ‘Nobody can sit here today, no one, particularly the amount of intelligence that the White House got, and say, “We didn’t  know this was a problem.” Give me a break,’ he said.  But that’s how things are done and seen in Obama’s White House.

“Islam is a religion to be cherished. Christianity, well they had their crusades, and there were terrible deeds done in the name of Christ. And ISIS is just a bunch of killers with good social media, and then shift the blame to the intelligence agencies. They’re pissed off because they’re saying their intelligence was dead on accurate, and the problem is you set aside facts as we know them, things that he was warned about in advance in terms of the rise of ISIS. We don’t need intelligence agencies to tell us how powerful and lethal ISIS is. You can watch television and see it! Is anybody in the media gonna ask this President: Did you ever watch the beheading videos, the mass beheading videos, the burning videos, the mass graves? Have you seen any of this hell going on in this world, any of it? Have you taken the time to educate yourself and wake the hell up?

“Good grief, I’m gonna stroke out today. I really am. I’m so angry. Now, I know how Levin ... Levin calls me everyday at 8 o’clock in the morning, and he’s mad at something. I’m like, I can’t take this. Our country’s going down the, you know, the shhh-er. It’s goin down, and Obama’s heart’s not in the fight.

“He doesn’t know how to wage war. He doesn’t even know who the enemy is. How the hell can you fight a war when you don’t know who the enemy is? You won’t admit it. My God, people are going to die over this stupidity. Americans are going to die because what happened in France is coming here, and we’re inviting them in. He’s gambling with your life. I’m not willing to gamble with your life.

“Call me any name you want. ‘Chicken.’ ‘Afraid.’ No, I’m smart! You don’t … When your intelligence community says that ISIS will infiltrate the refugee population, then the smart thing is don’t invite them in.  Provide them food and blankets and water and supply and defense within their own country, and let them stay there.”

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