The Warning Sign

By Scott Holleran | October 28, 2012 | 3:02pm EDT

The rash of attacks on Romney/Ryan signs across America is a forewarning of what’s to come. A friend in Ohio posted on Facebook that her yard sign was seized from her property. There are numerous reports of sign vandalism and thefts throughout the nation.

My own yard sign was stolen – it was quickly replaced – and, amid reports that racist American Islamic leader Louis Farrakhan is calling for post-election violence in the nation if Obama loses, a young man in Wisconsin who called out to thieves expropriating his Romney/Ryan sign was savagely beaten.

None of this is shocking in a deeply divided nation that faces a historic choice: buy snatches of time to try and save capitalism and what’s left of what was once – and is no longer – a free republic, or sanction Big Government for total government control.

Somehow, this week’s news of a burning Romney/Ryan sign on a Virginia couple’s front lawn and the incendiary assault on Romney/Ryan signs and American flags at a veteran’s home in Florida reflect the deteriorating state of the union. No single act in this long, arduous presidential campaign better expresses what is happening to the United States of America: destruction.

It is particularly fitting that the expression of free speech – an ideal the Obama administration abhors, as we saw when they attacked a video and a filmmaker for causing an Islamic act of war – on someone’s private property – another concept the government that gave us ObamaCare hates – is being attacked by acts of arson.

Property rights and freedom of speech are crucial only to those who love their own life and happiness on earth. Obama preaches and governs self-sacrifice as the highest ideal—and self-immolation is a common act for its most consistent practitioners.

But make no mistake: those who hold self-destruction as the ideal will not stop at setting themselves on fire. As we have seen, they will set fire to expressions of views with which they disagree and they will eventually get around to burning the people who express those views.

We have seen this in the past. We know how this violent targeting of individuals ends.

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