Australian Woman Says Car Crash Gave Her French Accent

By Stephen Gutowski | June 20, 2013 | 3:26pm EDT

"It makes me so angry because I am Australian; I am not French," Leanne Rowe says of the French accent she acquired after a serious car accident. CNN reports that, eight years after receiving a head injury and broken jaw in a crash, the Australian woman can't regain her natural speaking voice.

Instead, she is stuck with what sounds like a French accent, which she despises.

The accent developed as her crash-related slurred speech improved. Now, she has begrudgingly accepted the French accent. instead of trying to hide it or hold it in.

I feel bad for this woman since her foreign accent causes her an obvious bit of grief, but her story is certainly intriguing. If I ever wake up from a car crash with an exotic accent, I hope it's that of a kindly British gent.

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