Co-Sponsor of Bill Banning Magazines Mistakes Them for Bullets

By Stephen Gutowski | April 3, 2013 | 12:22pm EDT

Congresswoman Diana DeGette (D-CO) who, along with Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, reintroduced the house bill to ban magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition was involved in a Denver Post public forum on gun control yesterday.

During the forum, she was asked about the efficacy of banning these kinds of magazines when there are tens of millions of them in circulation. Rep DeGette's response revealed a complete ignorance of the item which she is seeking to ban.

"What's the efficacy of banning these magazine clips? I will tell you, these are ammunition, they're bullets, so the people who have those now, they're going to shoot them" says Rep DeGette. According to her, "the number of these high capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will be shot and there won't be any more available."

However, the NRA defines a magazine as "a spring-loaded container for cartridges that may be an integral part of the gun's mechanism or may be detachable." In other words, magazines are reusable containers for ammunition. They are not single-use devices.

Rep DeGette describes herself as a "prime house co-sponsor" of the federal magazine ban - but her comments make it clear that she doesn't understand what they actually are, since she's confusing bullets with their reusable containers.

Anybody who's ever interacted with a magazine or done cursory research on how they work ought to know they are reusable. And somebody trying to keep magazines out of the hands of law abiding Americans ought to have familiarized themselves with what a magazine is.

We're constantly told that it's time for a sincere national debate on guns and gun control -but,  how exactly, is debate even possible if the leaders on one side aren't even marginally informed on the topic? How can somebody adamantly demand the ban of something they've demonstrated they know nothing about? How can anybody take somebody who does that seriously?

(h/t Revealing Politics)

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