Cuban Revolution Survivor Warns of the Dangers of Losing Gun Ownership Rights

By Stephen Gutowski | April 9, 2013 | 10:10am EDT

In testimony before the Oregon legislature, a survivor of the communist revolution shared his harrowing story. Manuel Martinez, who claims to have lived through the communist uprising in Cuba, told the legislators about the atrocities that can take place once freedom is lost.

He chastised those who seek to impose new restrictions on gun ownership:

"I've been through it.  I've been there.  You people don't know what freedom is because you never lost it.  You haven't been tortured.  You haven't been [sic] assassinations, you haven't been mothers begging for the life of their son not to be killed because the only reason is they wanted to be free.  And they killed the mothers and they killed the son."

Mr. Martinez's story is quickly spreading across the internet likely, strikes a chord with those who seek to learn from others' experiences. After all, it's important that we listen to those who've been oppressed when they warn us that we may be on the road to oppression.

Mr. Martinez has lived through the horrors of tyranny and he's warning us that we need to correct our course or we, too, may well have to live through them.

(H/t Guns Save Lives & Daylight Disinfectant)

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