Limbaugh: Amnesty Would Be 'A Death Sentence for the Republicans'

By Stephen Gutowski | March 25, 2013 | 11:54am EDT

On his March 19th show Rush Limbaugh declared that amnesty for illegal aliens would be "a death sentence for the Republicans."

That's because amnesty includes the ability to legally vote, Limbaugh reasoned. Citing poll data, Limbaugh said that 70 percent of Hispanics "say that they believe that government should be the primary source of prosperity." Therefore, Rush says, "Let's say you have ten million illegals, seven million of them are automatically gonna vote Democrat.  Republican Party's finished."

"It's a mathematics conclusion.  It's not any more complicated than that.  And there's nothing that the Republicans can do," Rush continued.

Rush went on to point out a blatant contradiction in the arguments of those in the Republican Party who push for full amnesty:

"If you listen to the Republican proponents for immigration reform, amnesty, what have you, whatever you're gonna call it, they always say that Hispanics are Republicans-in-waiting. That these are big family value, churchgoing, largely Catholic, I mean, they are Republicans-in-waiting, okay?  Accept that.

"Then, why are you making a move for gay marriage?  Because obviously somebody who's devoutly religious is not gonna support homosexual marriage."

Gay marriage isn't the only issue where this contradiction turns up. Rush went on to point out the other areas of friction between the two premises pro-amnesty Republicans often advance.

"With the Hispanics being Republicans-in-waiting, just waiting, I mean, they're conservatives at heart. Okay, so why do the Republicans want to moderate on abortion and why do the Republicans want to get squishy on gun control?  I mean, conservatives are not supportive of any of that.  So I just don't think that they're being honest with themselves."

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