New App Helps Venezuelans Struggling to Find Basic Necessities

By Stephen Gutowski | June 18, 2013 | 2:43pm EDT

"I'm short on rice, oil, flour, everything" one Venezuelan woman tells CNN while waiting in line to by basic necessities. She isn't alone either. CNN caught up with many Venezuelans who had been waiting in line for hours just to get things like milk and toilet paper.

It's gotten so bad that one man has developed an app to help his countrymen find the scarce goods they need. The app has been downloaded over 14,000 times already. It has helped many find the things they desperately need, but it can only do so much as the shortages continue in Venezuela.

The socialist government is blaming "greedy storeowners" for shortages.

That's a bit odd though. I mean, I don't recall the last time our "greedy storeowners" here in capitalist America caused a toilet paper shortage. Do you?

I also don't remember ever needing an app to desperately search for milk. It seems like that only happens in socialist paradises like Venezuela.

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