Rubio: Tupac The Best Hip Hop Artist Ever, Competition 'Not Even Close'

Stephen Gutowski | March 1, 2013 | 2:15pm EST
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"We have seen President Obama kind of tap into pop culture - but, not the way Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida (R-Fla.) has tapped in." That's what TMZ's Harvey Levin right before interviewing the conservative Republican senator on TMZ Live.

The main focus of the interview was hip hop icon Tupac, whom Rubio identified as the best ever. The competition was "not even close," Rubio added, after dubbing Tupak hip hop's all-time best.

While the interview touches on a wide variety of hip hop topics like Lil' Wayne's maturity lever, Tupac's cultural impact, the Kardashians (which Rubio side-stepped), and the senator's opinion that Biggie was just "alight," the real story here is that the interview happened at all. And, that Rubio knew what he was talking about. He knows pop culture and that's important.

It's good, I think, to see an informed conservative figure going out and engaging with cultural outlets like TMZ. Even if the next story after the Rubio interview was about Lindsay Lohan, he reached people he might not have otherwise reached. And, while he didn't communicate anything particularly ground-breaking, he was able to show people that he, and by extension other conservatives, aren't out-of-touch bores.

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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