Taxpayer: If IRS Can Find Us So Easily, It Should've Caught $46M Sent to One Address of 'Unauthorized' Aliens

By Stephen Gutowski | June 25, 2013 | 1:44pm EDT

"It's ludicrous. It's absolutely ludicrous, especially if it's going to illegals," Darrell Bell of Marietta, Georgia told WGCL in response to revelations that the IRS sent $46 million in taxpayer money to one address in Atlanta occupied by "unauthorized" aliens.

The story of the apparently fraudulent payments described in a Treasury audit report was broken by's own Terry Jeffery late last week.

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"How do you miss something like that? That's crazy" Mr. Bell continues. His outrage is laser focused on the 23,994 tax refunds worth $46,378,040 sent to a single address due to lax oversight and fraud prevention at the IRS.

"Anybody can take those envelopes, go and cash it at the ATM, and there's no checking who has the money," tax preparer Felicia Magma told WGCL.

'They're really quick to find out if you don't pay your taxes, but they can't find that. How do you miss something like that? That's crazy," taxpayer Bell said.

I have to agree with Mr. Bell. This incredible case of fraud committed on the American taxpayer, allowed to let slip through the cracks by the IRS, and exposed by CNS News is simply inexcusable. Whoever is responsible for defrauding us needs to be found and punished.

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