Video Rebuts Jim Carrey's Anti-Gun Song

By Stephen Gutowski | March 28, 2013 | 12:30pm EDT

Responding in-kind to Jim Carrey's recent "Funny or Die" video mocking gun owners, Reason has teamed up with the rapper Remy once again. They've produced a musical take-down of Carrey, hitting every one of his hypocrisies along the way.

The Remy/Reason video is not only spot on satire of the ridiculous arguments it targets, but - unlike the Carrey video - it also actually is funny in the process. Carrey's original video, of course, missed on both fronts. That's probably what made it so ripe for this great Remy/Reason rebuttal in the first place.

Any celebrity that runs around trying to ban life saving medicine, hiring armed body guards, but then attacking law abiding gun owners is going to be mocked. But, when it's a celebrity that's famous specifically for talking out of his butt, well, the script writes itself.

Remy and Reason just played the hand they were dealt.

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