Virginia Lt.-Gov. Gavels Senate to Order With Her Own High-Heel

Susan Jones | February 15, 2022 | 9:51am EST
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"Resourcefulness -- never underestimate it!" Virginia Lt.-Gov. Winsome Sears tweeted on Monday, after she gavelled the Virginia Senate to order with her own high-heeled shoe.

The Washington Post reported that "an unknown prankster" hid the gavel Sears was supposed to use, but that Sears, the first black woman to hold the job, "took it in stride."

"One shoe can change your life," Sears reportedly quipped of her makeshift gavel. "Just ask Cinderella."

Sears later retweeted the blurb posted by Washington Post Laura Vozzella.

Sears, a Republican, is the tie-breaking vote in the Virginia Senate.

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