What Americans Need to Know About Feminist Bias

Suzanne Venker and Phyllis Schlafly | March 28, 2011 | 5:42pm EDT
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In 2004, author and former CBS journalist Bernard Goldberg demonstrated conclusively that a liberal bias pervades our country’s newsrooms. Goldberg’s book “Bias” sent a shock wave throughout the country. Since that time, FOX and the Internet have been enormously effective in disseminating news Americans would not have been privy to years ago.

And yet. There’s another kind of bias, one of which most Americans are largely unaware: feminist bias. It isn’t so much what journalists say (though the way they say things usually blows their cover); it’s what they don’t say. Indeed, behind the scenes of every television program is a producer or two who decides what gets covered and what doesn’t. And when it comes to issues related to feminism, any angle that’s negative gets chucked.

Goldberg touched upon this in Chapter 12 of “Bias.” Appropriately titled “The Most Important Story You Never Saw on TV,” Goldberg highlights the terrible things that are happening to our nation’s children as more and more mothers opt for work outside the home rather than caring for their children at home. For this reason, Americans are largely unaware of the negative effects of day care on children; addressing this issue would make women in the media feel bad about the choice they’ve made to leave their children in substitute care.

But day care is just one topic – there are a whole host of other topics that are considered taboo. As Kevin E. Cahill writes in a Wall Street Journal letter to the editor about the flagrant bias at NPR, “When was the last time you heard a story [on NPR] that touted the extent to which a fetus feels pain?”

There is also zero coverage on the rise in STDs among young women, or the reasons why we have a nation of females struggling to conceive, or why men in this country have taken a back seat to women’s so-called empowerment.

All of these topics share a common theme: they are rooted in the feminist worldview, the one Americans have been exposed to for decades. It was feminism that told women they could and should feel free to sleep around. It was feminism that told women they could and should have an abortion if they get pregnant. It was feminism that told women they should put marriage and motherhood on the back burner. It was feminism that told women they should work outside the home and put their children in day care. It was feminism that told women they didn’t need a man to be happy.

The truth about media bias is that it exists in large part because of feminist bias. Women in the media rule – they hold so much power even the men in the media are afraid of them. As Sam Donaldson once said, “I’ve been very careful about offending women. I’ll challenge presidents any day, but taking on half the world is asking too much.”

But it’s everyday Americans who feel the brunt of this problem. There’s a wealth of information to which Americans are not privy due to feminist bias in the media. Liberal bias? That’s almost irrelevant.

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