Inside the Many Ironies of Argentina's Abortion Legalization

Alice Lemos | January 25, 2021 | 3:54pm EST
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A fetus replica is displayed. (Photo credit: JOAQUIN SARMIENTO/AFP via Getty Images)
A fetus replica is displayed. (Photo credit: JOAQUIN SARMIENTO/AFP via Getty Images)

According to Ms. Magazine (it still exists!), Argentina, a predominantly Catholic country and the birthplace of the current pope, can thank “feminists” for passing a bill legalizing abortion through fourteen (14) weeks!

This was one of the goals of the “Campaign for Safe, Free, and Legal Abortion” of Argentina although, as in the United States, they will find out that abortion is not particularly safe -- especially for the baby – is rarely free and has tremendous risks for a woman’s mental and even physical health, particularly repeat abortions. Argentina will also discover that unscrupulous abortionists will gladly perform abortions on babies at more than fourteen weeks of gestation and willingly lie on any medical certificate they need to sign. 

Exhibit No. 1, of course, is Kermit Gosnell, the notorious late-term abortionist from Philadelphia who performed illegal late-term abortions, lied on death certificates, and was slow to phone 911 when women were left bleeding, mutilated, sterile, and even dead. (Gosnell also had the disgusting habit of leaving the feet of babies he had delivered and killed in the refrigerator in jars. His staff also took photos of the babies who had survived late term abortions and even played with them before snapping their necks as he had trained them to do or drowning them.) 

Of course, as in the United States, it was mostly educated, middle-class women who had originally pushed for the loosening of prohibitions on abortion in Argentina although abortion had been legal if the life of the woman had been at risk or in cases of rape.

What is particularly sad is that the Center for Reproductive Rights, headed by Julie Rikelman, Esq., a Jewish-American attorney active in “social justice” who had fled anti-Semitism in the Ukraine and considers herself an “immigrant success story,” heads a group instrumental in influencing the abortion rights groups in Argentina. It is ironic that a woman who fled hatred in the Ukraine has no cognizance of how Jewish support for abortion – especially from educated Jews -- whips up anti-Semitism by playing on the evil medieval stereotype of Jews not carrying about Christian babies and even wanting them to be sacrificed in awful rituals! (Let’s not forget about the novel "The Fixer" by Malamud, which was based on the trial of a Jewish man in the Ukraine who had been falsely accused of killing a Christian child). Like so many “social justice warriors,” Rikelman has no sympathy for the baby being aborted.

It’s doubly ironic that the Center for Reproductive Rights is concerned about the “lack of access to reproductive health care” for women in rural counties or for poor women of color when poorer women need access to better medical care in general which can be furnished by community health centers, as opposed to Planned Parenthood. In fact, Planned Parenthood has been targeting poorer minorities since its founding – and not for “health care!” Margaret Sanger had a particular dislike of immigrant Jewish and Italian women, placed her clinics in their neighborhoods, and later moved on to black and Hispanic women.

How sad that the Argentinians who backed this bill – which would allow girls over 13 years of age to obtain abortions without the consent of the parents – see this as a historic moment which will “solve a public health problem.” Poor women in Argentina deserve better than abortion, as do their American counterparts. And American Jewish women should want nothing to do with abortion.

Alice Lemos is a graduate of Brown University with a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies and Brooklyn College with a B.A. in Spanish. She is a staunch pro-lifer, activist, the mother of a marine veteran, and also a cancer survivor who served for ten years on the board of a crisis pregnancy center in Queens. 

Editor's Note: This piece originally appeared on the Jewish Pro-Life Foundation blog.

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