Whitewashing the Bloodiest and Most Deadly Holocaust in All History

By Bryan Kemper | March 15, 2016 | 10:08am EDT
Anti-abortion supporters cheer during a Texas Rally for Life at the Texas Capitol. The Pope's edict does not alter the Catholic Church’s pro-life stance, but acknowledges that women "bear in their heart the scar of this agonizing and painful decision" and says they should not be severely punished if they are sorry. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

How can we convince a blind and apathetic world that abortion must be abolished if we are afraid to call it what it is?

I understand that we must offer love and healing to all who have been involved with abortion, but that cannot stop us from our mission of abolishing abortion. While the forgiveness and healing aspect of our movement is vital, we must remember that the ultimate goal is to end the act that has created this aspect of our fight. This is why the use of harsh language and terminology are not only acceptable in the abortion debate, they are necessary.

I often hear from people that we should soften our words when talking about abortion; we should refrain from calling it murder or homicide. I have been chastised for using the terms “killing their baby” or “abortion mill.”

It seems that many have come to the conclusion that the only way to win the fight against abortion is to be as nice as can be. They have whitewashed our language and rhetoric so much that you would never know they were talking about the bloodiest and most deadly holocaust in all history.

The Supreme Court recently heard arguments against the pro-life laws passed in Texas, laws that have made it harder for women get abortions, and in many cases shut down the killing centers. While this is nowhere near the end game, it is a great step in the right direction.

The pro-abortion (another term I am told not to use) side is spinning this like we are denying women food and water, forcing them to travel hours to get food and water or die. They have made abortion into a basic need, just like food and water. They have turned a violent, evasive and tortuous act against a woman’s child into a basic life sustaining need.

These laws are being painted as if the people who passed them hate women so much that they want them to die. They have successfully changed the language and argument surrounding abortion so much that pro-lifers are seen as the monsters.

Let’s change a few words in the arguments used by the pro-abortion activists trying to spin the Texas laws.  What if someone were to argue that a law prohibiting rape in a state was forcing rapists to travel hundreds of miles to a place where there was no law against it? No one in his or her right mind would consider this argument valid. The laws against rape are not putting unfair burdens on rapists because the act of rape is never ok; it is reprehensible. 

We would never tell someone who speaks out against rape or any other violent crime to soften his or her language. We would never allow such violent acts to be whitewashed into rights or portrayed as simply someone’s “choice.”

To be honest I don’t even like the term abortion because it is just a whitewashed way of saying murder. If we were talking about killing any human being in a stage of life past the fetal stage, we would never soften our language about it.

We are not fighting against people making choices we don’t agree with. We are fighting against people paying someone to dismember, dissect and slaughter human beings.  The fact is, we are going to offend and upset people when we expose something so horrifying.

The only way we will convince this blind and apathetic world that abortion must be abolished is to expose abortion for what it truly is.  I will be honest: I am more concerned with ending the killing of innocent children than offending those who support this killing.

I don’t set out to offend them when I show images of the victims of abortion or call abortion an act of homicide, but it is inevitable. However, we must remember that the most offensive aspect of our work is the fact that abortion is taking place at all.

I pray for everyone who is affected by the abortion holocaust whether they have had an abortion, paid for an abortion or preformed an abortion. I pray for them to find the healing and forgiveness that we have in Christ.

Abortion is the most violent, controversial and deadly issue of all time, and the shockwaves of abortion are beyond devastating.

Bryan Kemper is the founder of Stand True Pro-Life Outreach, the youth outreach of Priests for Life.

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