Satanic Evil Personified

Charlie Daniels | August 19, 2014 | 2:46pm EDT
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It seems it's hard for some people to accept the fact that there is an evil in this world that goes far beyond criminal behavior or just plain meanness, an evil so demented and so unrepentant that it knows no depths and no bounds.

The kind of evil that is so depraved, sick and merciless that when it is found it needs to be stomped on until the last breath of life goes out of it. Because, left to its own devices, it spreads like a cancer leaving chaos, ruined lives, death and injury in its wake.

The kind of evil that motivates some monster to rape a child, to kidnap a young girl and hold her in a closet or a hole in the ground until they get tired of torturing her and murder her in some horrible fashion, the kind of evil that causes a demented monster like Jim Jones to lead his pitiful followers into mass suicide.

Adolph Hitler, the one responsible for the murder of six million Jews and untold millions of deaths on the battlefields when the world came together to destroy his Nazi war machine, was a prime example of this kind of evil.

During the Second World War, when Russia was America's ally against the Axis, Joseph Stalin was looked upon in this country as a great leader, the contemporary and equal of Roosevelt and Churchill.  His photograph always appeared in the newspapers portrayed as the benevolent Uncle Joe, champion and defender of his people.

Only after the war was over, and Stalin had tried to lay claim to the whole Eastern Bloc of European nations, did the public begin to find out about the extent of Stalin's repressive cruelty, his purges, and his cavalier attitude toward murdering anybody who stood in his way politically.

Any totalitarian regime uses terror to control the population, and Stalin used it liberally. The midnight knock on the door, the gulags, the mock trials, the repression of free speech and expression – all of which Stalin used to rule with an iron fist and paralyzing fear.

The rise of the ISIS army in Syria and Iran signals that this caliber of evil has again raised its ugly head. The beheading of children, the kidnapping and raping of women, the wholesale murdering, the pillaging and destruction of everything that lies in their path as they devour city after city like a horde of demonic locusts gathering steam and followers as they go, all in the name of a vengeful god and his prophet.

There is no mercy and no tolerance, just blind religious hatred and the desire to turn the entire earth into an Islamic planet ruled by Sharia Law and governed by Imams.

In Hitler's early days, Neville Chamberlain of England informed the British public that he didn't believe Mr. Hitler wanted to invade Europe and, in essence, lulled the Brits into a sense of security when they should have been preparing for an all out war with a brilliant and deviant enemy who wanted to fly a Swastika above their Islands and, for that matter, the rest of the world.

And now the relative silence of world leaders is more reminiscent of Chamberlain than people who recognize ISIS for the international threat that they are.  Instead of forming a coalition to contain and annihilate this horde of demons before they grow strong enough to start exporting their brand of evil to the western nations, there is only a piecemeal response, mostly composed of words.

And when I say annihilate, that's exactly what I mean.  You can't just cut the head off this snake.  The whole body has to be destroyed, and America is already engaged in air attacks with a limited amount of boots on the ground.

Europe, as usual, wants to sit back and hope America will take care of the problem.

Well, not this time.  We've already put more into the war against Islamic terror than all the rest of the world combined, and Europe is actually in more danger than the USA. It’s time for them to get serious and commit to the effort of destroying this scourge before it begins to wash up on their shores.

What do you think?

Pray for our troops and the peace of Jerusalem.

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

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