Planned Parenthood, Questioning What Is Humane and Disposing of Baby Human Beings

By Jen Kuznicki | December 17, 2015 | 3:41pm EST
Planned Parenthood sign. (AP Photo)

In the aftermath of the Center for Medical Progress video releases, state Attorney General Mark DeWine of Ohio commenced an investigation into Planned Parenthood in Ohio. While DeWine did not find evidence of sales of aborted baby parts, he alleged through his investigation that three Planned Parenthood affiliates in Ohio did illegally dump aborted baby remains in landfills.

According to Ohio Attorney General Mark DeWine’s News Release page, “The investigation showed that the disposal methods documented by the Planned Parenthood affiliates violate Ohio Administrative Code 3701-47-05, adopted in 1975, which requires that a ‘fetus shall be disposed of in a humane manner.’ Specifically:

  • “All three Ohio Planned Parenthood affiliates have sent fetal remains to companies which disposed of the fetuses in landfills.
  • “Additionally, the Planned Parenthood facility in Bedford Heights stated it uses only one company for disposal. However, that company stated to investigators it does not accept fetal remains for disposal as a corporate policy.”

The same method of disposal was allegedly exposed in South Carolina after similar investigations.

“Disposing of aborted fetuses from an abortion by sending them to a landfill is callous and completely inhumane,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

A federal judge has since blocked the state of Ohio from any legal action on the findings that Planned Parenthood threw babies in landfills as a method of disposal until January 11. A January 4 hearing on the dispute has been set.

Jerry Lawson, CEO of Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio, in a statement, claimed that these investigations are nothing but “political attacks” and that Planned Parenthood’s “doors will remain open to all Ohioans – no matter what.”  Upon suing the state of Ohio’s health director, Planned Parenthood apparently is standing on the idea that throwing babies in landfills falls under the “humane” disposal rule.  According to Fox News, “Planned Parenthood sued the state's health director, accusing him of changing the interpretation of the disposal rule. In its lawsuit, Planned Parenthood said it's never been cited by the Ohio Department of Health, which licenses abortion facilities in Ohio, for violating the disposal regulations.”

Basically, it is as if Planned Parenthood is saying, “What’s the big deal?  It’s just medical waste, and you’ve never had a problem with us doing it this way before.”

It’s plain to see that Planned Parenthood has no respect for human life.

These lawsuits and investigations are demonstrating over and over again that Planned Parenthood’s existence is based upon the perception that an aborted baby is not human, and the bodies are nothing but medical waste.

I am reminded of an investigation in Great Britain last year, wherein hospitals used medical waste for heating as part of a “waste to energy” program.

It was found that, among the medical waste, around 15,000 aborted and miscarried babies were incinerated to help heat the hospital.  That investigation was made available to the people through special reports on the television, and the practice was shut down.

Planned Parenthood cannot concede that aborted babies are human.  If they do that, it raises the question of personhood and the fact that life begins at conception, and to admit as much is to admit that abortion is the taking of human life.

If there is any justice Planned Parenthood will be shut down, not just because they provide about one third of the total abortions in the United States, not just because they were caught on tape haggling over the price of an unborn child’s liver, but because they operate outside of ethics and morality and any criticism is turned into a political defense rather than introspection.

At the very least, the American people should not be funding a company that can’t simply acknowledge that throwing human beings into landfills is inhumane, unethical and immoral.

Jen Kuznicki is a wife and mother, seamstress by trade, and American patriot who says, "Now is the time to act."

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