Unhinged Post Blogger Falls for Left's Tricks Every Time

By Jen Kuznicki | December 15, 2014 | 1:42pm EST

Sen. Mike Lee of Utah and Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas (AP Photo)

Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post is quite the constitutional conservative hater.  Why would a handful of “hard right” Senators stand in the way of progress, by standing in opposition to bad law, or what Rubin calls, "The Art of (Never) Compromising."  Rubin laments that by raising a Constitutional Point of Order that was voted down by all leftists and 20 Republican caucus members, our great institution is in peril.

“With the government shutdown avoided for the balance of the fiscal year, the Republicans in 2015 will be able to vote to reverse, de-fund or otherwise try to hobble the president’s immigration order without risking the government’s closure. Hmm, sounds like the best place to be if you are a Republican.”

But avoiding a government shutdown should not be the first thing you admit you want when you bargain against bills written by God-knows-who that are over 1,700 pages long.  Nevertheless, Rubin thinks that her side is going to vote to "reverse, defund, or otherwise hobble," the executive amnesty order issued by President Obama.  Well, that vote against the constitution seems to have shown they will not.

Political victories are far too often at the top of the list of things to do for the leadership of both parties, yet Rubin believes every time a conservative stands athwart history yelling, "Stop!" it's never a good time until leadership says it is.

But then Rubin walks directly into a door, complaining that the "hard right" lawmakers who hold everything up do so just because they don't want to compromise.  Perhaps there should be some kind of rule for bloggers of internationally renowned newspapers.  Do your research.

Using the vote over the authorization of the NDAA, Rubin says that objections by one Senator alone hinged on a "land grab" authorization in the bill.  If Rubin had done any research at all, she would know that the Majority Leader she says she despises is behind that conversion of 250,000 acres of federal land into wilderness.  Does she know what that means?  That means nobody, and I mean nobody will ever be able to use that land for anything. It has become the holiest of ground, and what it usually means is that environmentalists have pushed for, and once again garnered control of our nation's land.

Remember the Bundy saga?  The federal government came in with helicopters and guns and tried to force a rancher off of federal land?  When federal land is converted to wilderness, there will be no roads, no structures, no pipelines, no human betterment of any kind will ever go through those lands, and not because they are at the heart of some great bruised ecosystem.

Not only that, but it seems Rubin doesn't care that spending for our military is always cut, as the NDAA bill forces a higher prescription co-pay for our troops and cuts their housing subsidies a percentage point.  No big deal huh?  Good thing we have all this land and can't help our troops’ housing situations.

At her pontificating soap box at the Washington Post, Rubin can screech that constitutional conservatives are the bane to good – what did she call it – "quintessential" legislation.  But in the end, it is the attention drawn to how very bad Washington is doing to take care of the people they are supposed to protect that should infuriate more than a handful of criticized Senators.

Jen Kuznicki is a wife and mother, seamstress by trade, and American patriot who says, "Now is the time to act."

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