Why We #DefendtheDuggars

By John-Henry Westen | November 24, 2014 | 4:07pm EST

Last week, LifeSiteNews launched a petition encouraging the American people to defend the Duggar family against dishonest and aggressive attacks that demanded their show, 19 Kids and Counting, be cancelled by TLC.

Not only did that petition surpassed the anti-Duggar petition in less than 72 hours, but it also highlighted the utterly hypocritical and often hateful treatment of traditional values Americans by liberal and gay activists.

In August, the Duggars stood for protecting young girls when they tried to

The Duggars - Beth Hall/AP Photo

prevent Fayetteville, Arkansas from instituting a law that would allow men who claim to be women to use female restrooms, locker rooms, etc. Rightly, Michelle Duggar asked the public if they wanted grown men next to their daughters in these facilities.

For their work, the Duggars are now under attack by a months-old petition that was dead in the water until liberal media outlets reported on it last week.

Since our petition launched on Thursday, more than 160,000 people have, organically and in a grassroots fashion, signed on to #DefendtheDuggars. A Tweetfest, articles, and many famous conservatives -- including the Benham Brothers, who have also been victims of hate from the gay activist lobby, and former Fox News contributor Steven Crowder – have likewise expanded the petition's reach, and influential groups like ADF and MRC have made their voices heard.

In the Tweetfest, the rage and hypocrisy of many liberals was highlighted. People who call for open-minded thinking and tolerance of their personal and public behaviors called the Duggars names not appropriate to be published here. They were accused of being hateful, of being bigoted, and worse.

America is in a battle for its cultural soul. While all sides have a right to voice their opinions, it is the Left that wants to use government to enforce its opinions through local, state, and federal laws. Right now, in some states, you can be fined for not wanting to violate your religious beliefs as a photographer, a baker, or a farm owner. Jail time is a possibility, as well.

It is clear that some in America – the same people who have long claimed they stood for tolerance of beliefs – wants all traditional values summarily eliminated from U.S. discourse.

The Duggars, the Robertsons, and a few other families and groups have survived this purge, yet the Left wants even them gone. They want total domination of U.S. culture and law, and no deviation will be accepted.

Again, the Duggars are only the latest victims of this agenda. It happened with the Benham Brothers, who saw their pro-life and pro-family beliefs lose them a TV show dedicated to helping the disadvantaged. It nearly happened to Phil Robertson, whose love-filled comments about God and man were taken radically out of context.

LifeSiteNews' petition has gone far and wide, and surpassed the astroturf anti-Duggar petition that accuses them of "fear mongering" because the American people are tired of being lied to about what their values – for life, for family, and for God – stand for.

John-Henry Westen is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of

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