The People Roared in November to Stop ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’

By Kenneth Timmerman | January 16, 2015 | 1:45pm EST

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On election night last November, the lion roared. And the sound that rose up from the throats of Americans, outraged with the direction our country was headed, echoed from the mountain peaks to the valleys across this land.

But many in Washington thought they just heard the sheep out back behind the barn. They thought they could continue business as usual, and continue sheering the sheep.

So it was that the lame duck Congress passed the outrageous CRomnibus funding bill that allowed Obama to continue flouting the law and left our constitutional order unchecked for another year.

Now the lion is roaring again. Just as happened in November, the roar is coming from the people, not our elected representatives. This time, it has taken form in a Citizens’ Mandate, drafted and signed by 53 conservative leaders from across the country, calling on Congress to “Stop the President’s promised ‘Fundamental Transformation’ of the country.”

The Mandate urges the new Congress to listen to what the people said on November 4 and “end Obamacare; stop executive amnesty; hold the executive branch accountable for its abuses of power and its national security failures both foreign and domestic; and put the interests of the United States of America and Americans first.”

From time to time throughout history, Americans have issued bills of grievances against their government. The most famous of course was the Declaration of Independence, in which liberty-minded Americans sought to “dissolve the political bonds” that had connected them to the Crown.

Our elected President is behaving increasingly like a monarch, and Americans get it.

The more Obama protests that he is “not the emperor of the United States” and cannot write laws from the White House, the more his behavior betrays him.

The last straw was his executive order granting amnesty to five million illegal aliens. In a floor speech on Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner called Obama’s executive amnesty “an affront to the Constitution itself” and cited the 22 times Obama had said he could not grant amnesty through executive order because the constitution and our laws prevented it.

But Speaker Boehner needs to do much more than just give a speech. He needs to take real action to thwart the President’s plans to subvert the rule of law.

The people of the United States did not elect this Congress to better manage the failed big government policies of a President who has the lowest approval ratings average of any president since Jimmy Carter.

They did not send these newly elected officials to Washington to “govern,” as some mainstream Republicans have absurdly claimed. (My colleague and fellow Mandate signer Andy McCarthy has explained why Congress does not “govern.”)

Instead, they sent them to Washington to stop Obama from carrying out his 2008 electoral pledge to “fundamentally transform” America.

The people have seen Obamacare and how it has wrecked the health care system, making it less affordable and less accessible than before.

They have seen this President lie repeatedly and brazenly about his intentions and his actions, on everything from immigration to Benghazi and Iraq.

They has seen this President go out of his way to divide Americans and pit them against each other, fanning the embers of a race war that most Americans believed had nearly become extinct.

They have seen this President bargain away our sovereignty, trading security for weakness, and substituting empty promises from enemies such as the Islamic Republic of Iran for enforceable agreements.

They have seen this President use the IRS and other federal government agencies to intimidate and punish his political opponents.

And most dangerous of all, they have seen this President refuse to name our chief enemy – radical Islam – let alone confront it.

Russian émigré Alexander Markovsky has noted that if Vladimir I. Lenin had been elected president in 2008, he wouldn’t have done anything differently from Obama to achieve the goal of dismantling America as the world’s lone superpower.

The American people roared on November 4. They roared with a thirst for truth. They roared for Congress to stop this President from violating the law, violating our founding Principles, and from dragging America down.

Kenneth R. Timmerman is the author of “Dark Forces: the Truth about What Happened in Benghazi,” and was the GOP nominee for Congress in Maryland¹s 8th District in 2012. He is a co-signatory of the Citizen¹s Mandate.

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