Obama Admin Manufactures Crisis, Uses Russian Threat as Pretext to Undermine Constitution

By Mark Meckler | January 17, 2017 | 10:47am EST
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson suggested that America's voting system should be declared "critical infrastructure" following reports of cyberhacking incidents. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

President Obama’s friend and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel famously said, “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” And when there isn’t a crisis, make one up.

And so, they have. 

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a fear-inducing report that alleges Russian hackers tipped the American electorate in Donald Trump’s favor, and the Obama administration is using last minute regulations to undermine the Constitution under the pretense of protecting us.  Investigative reporter Sheryl Attkisson said that the allegations don’t charge Vladimir Putin’s henchmen with altering vote counts or gaining access to U.S. voting systems, only that they stole e-mails from the Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton, and John Podesta and handed them over to WikiLeaks. (Founder Julian Assange denies this, and it is worth mentioning the initial joint reports don’t even mention WikiLeaks, the DNC, or Podesta.) There isn’t a single shred of proof that Russia hacked the election and changed votes from Clinton to Trump. Zero.

Here’s the truth: Democrats are sore losers.  When they thought they were going to win, they waxed eloquent about adhering to the voters’ will.  But when they lost, they absolutely won’t accept that American voters readily handed the presidency over to Donald Trump on November 8, 2016. 

Enter: manufactured crisis.

In his report, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson declared a constitutional crisis of epic proportions that demands new policy. Because we were “hacked,” the Obama administration wants to designate all state and local voting systems as “pieces of critical infrastructure” which needs the full protection of the federal government.  But here’s one piece of critical info: John Podesta wasn’t "hacked." His staff reportedly fell for a phishing scam that any middle schooler would’ve known to resist. Nevertheless, the federal government is pushing aside the constitutionally mandated sovereign status of all 50 states, and state leadership can smell the rat a mile away.

“[Obama’s executive actions use] security as an excuse to subvert the Constitution and establish the basis for federal encroachment into election systems,” Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp said.

Vermont Secretary of State Jim Candos (D) told Politico, “What I think a lot of folks get concerned about; when the federal government says, ‘Well, look, we’re not really interested in doing that, but we just want to give you this,’ and then all of a sudden this leads to something else.”

Like John Fund noted in the National Review, a power grab like this sends a dangerous message to state officials because they know that a decentralized election system is the most impenetrable to hacking. If the federal government swoops in as the great protector, state sovereignty is out the window, and its talons will sink into state election processes. And all for a crisis that doesn’t exist.

But let’s look at something that did happen under Obama’s watch: the addresses, Social Security numbers, financial records, security clearances, and a host of other private information from over 21 million current and former federal employees was stolen from the databases of the federal Office of Personnel Management. 

Don’t let Obama distract the nation from his own administration’s failures.  No matter how much he blames the Russians, there’s only one man to blame …  And his name isn’t Putin.

Mark Meckler is President of Citizens for Self-Governance.


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