House Republicans Are Finally Looking For Answers From President Joe Biden and the FBI – And So Are We

Michael Letts | December 1, 2022 | 11:51am EST
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For the longest time, many of us have had questions pertaining to what President Joe Biden and his law enforcement agencies are doing. Why does Biden have it out so badly for our Border agents? Why is the Federal Bureau of Investigation targeting parents and Donald Trump with a vengeance? Why isn’t the Department of Justice doing more?

Apparently some House Republicans are thinking on the same wavelength. According to a report from The Epoch Times, those on the House Judiciary Committee wasted no time in sending out letters to at least 42 Biden administration officials, requesting testimony on a number of subjects. These include the FBI and Department of Justice, as well as a closer look into U.S. Border security. For good measure, they’re also looking to get more answers on Biden’s son, Hunter, and what’s been going on with his laptop (Remember that?).

One of these letters, led by Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, actually made its way online. Though there’s too much to detail here, a request was made to speak to Biden administration staffers pertaining to “misuse of federal criminal and counterterrorism resources to target concerned parents at school board meetings.”

For good measure, Jordan also requested members of the Department of Education, as well as the Department of Homeland Security to answer questions.

With Republicans set to take back the House of Congress in January, it appears they’re wasting no time in getting ready for what will be a whirlwind year in 2023. That means taking it upon themselves to get a closer look at what’s happening with justice departments.

After all, the FBI has been in question ever since their raid on the Mar-a-Lago compound earlier this year, attempting to seek answers on what former President Donald Trump was “up to.” Many called it questionable, and some even unlawful. I was in that group, because it just seems so out of the blue. Not to mention they’ve taken so much evidence and we haven’t heard a peep about it.

But there’s more surrounding the FBI, especially if these claims about spying on parents over school board meetings is true. We’re talking about private citizens here, who are having their rights violated for the sake of an investigation that we know little to nothing about. For that matter, it appears there’s some truth to what’s happening with this, based on what we’ve heard from former employees turned whistleblowers over the past few months.

Honestly, it’s been a long time coming. Of course, some officials will likely meander as they try to avoid testimony, or simply come up with any technical (or even legal) excuse they can to avoid it. But the fact of the matter is this – we deserve answers. Answers as to why Christopher Wray and the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been going about things the way they have. Answers as to why certain cases remain unsolved. Answers as to why the Department of Justice isn’t doing more to protect its police officers – or, for that matter, the Border patrol agents who work tirelessly to keep our borders safe. While we’re at it, the slow investigation happening for CompassCare, as a Buffalo location was firebombed and the perpetrators were evidently caught on tape. But only now, six months later, is the FBI looking to do anything about it. Odd.

Of course, January’s still weeks away, so it’s still hard to tell how things will go, especially with the Georgia runoff election taking place in a few weeks. But my true hope from this is that we’ll finally get the answers we need. It’ll take time, but we’ll learn a thing or two and possibly get confirmation into things we’ve been questioning.

All I know is I’m breathing a sigh of relief that it’s not just me. Others see what these government agencies are doing in terms of their questionable pursuit of justice. Or how police officers are treated like trash, even as certain cities face the biggest crime wave they’ve ever seen. Finally, we may see progress done, and finally right the ship as we’ve been needing to do for months. Hell, years.



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