The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia?

Mike Chambers | December 2, 2022 | 12:11pm EST
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The runoff election between Democrat Raphael Warnock and Republican Hershall Walker for the U.S. Senate puts Georgia under the most intense spotlight since, perhaps,  Gone with the Wind -- or at least since the special Senate election of 2020 between Warnock and Kelly Loeffler two years ago.
   Many analysts say my fellow Georgians, especially Republicans, did not turn out for that duel because they were disgusted by perceptions of fraud that led to Joe Biden moving into the White House.
   Perceptions not of stealing, per se, but the manufacture of a lie, a stealing of truth.
   Stories range from $417 million in Facebook money to recruit midnight agents to stuff ballot boxes (see 2000 Mules) to the unprecedented unconstitutional theft of state election laws.
   Remember reports, and video, of election officials kept from viewing the election process by placing cardboard over viewing windows?  How about the twisting of statistical probabilities of a Biden victory that would make Las Vegas gamblers blush?
   I became an “election denier.”
   But I must still believe in the process, and the nation.  As was the case in 2020, there is too much on the line, and this may be our last chance.
   You probably know the list of concerns: If Democrats gain full control of the Senate, expect anything from a packed Supreme Court and the end of the filibuster, to overrun borders and no chance for congressional hearings into dozens of issues ranging from Hunter’s “Laptop from Hell” to Biden’s apparent corruption and obvious incompetence in Afghanistan.
   You can also expect more radical Senate appointments across the board.
   Is Hershall Walker perfect?  No. He has admitted as much in a biography detailing challenges in his life -- where he fought bullying, obesity, and stuttering problems to eventually become an outstanding football player and businessman.
    And he still denies providing money for abortions and claims to be a Christian.
    At least Walker is not a “reverend” who heads up a church that owns an apartment complex, which reportedly attempted to evict dozens of tenants for late rent payments during the pandemic.
    Also, Walker is not a collectivist like Warnock, who has sided with Biden on every issue.  Warnock clearly does not represent Georgia on immigration, spending, free speech rights, or the 2nd Amendment.
This is a vital election and I hope the lights of freedom do not go out in Georgia. 

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