New York Abortion Law Celebration: A Grotesque, Nauseating Display of Soullessness

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | February 1, 2019 | 10:11am EST
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo after signing the "Reproductive Health Act" in New York (left) and the One World Trade Center lit up in pink (right) (Screenshots)

What a grotesque scene it was watching Democrats in the now Democrat-controlled New York State Assembly applauding and celebrating the passage of a bill allowing abortion up until the very moment of birth. And, how perverted it was for Governor Andrew Cuomo to light up in pink the skyscrapers of New York City, rejoicing in the recently passed New York State law that allows anyone, anytime, for whatever reason to terminate a baby at nine months, when the only thing separating a baby inside from a baby outside is a mere moment in time.

Both the Democrat-controlled Legislature and Governor of New York were relishing their victory that many in the radical feminist movement see as a type of sacrament to their “liberation.”

We are shocked and nauseated by such a display of soullessness, by the glorification of barbarism and cruelty. Only because people have been brainwashed for decades by catchy and fashionable slogans of “a woman’s right to choose” do people accept this as a civil rights issue as opposed to the ghoulish act it is, especially when dealing with a fully grown baby that threatens no one except for it being an inconvenience. The right to choose has been defined as the right to choose murder.

They are celebrating their “sophistication,” while we mourn and are sickened by their lack of humanity and morality. Their “sophistication” has made them a people with no shame. They openly and proclaim proudly that which should not be done, that which people with a sense of embarrassment would hide.

Those who have warned us for years about the inviolability of Roe v. Wade and its status as “settled law” have now abandoned and overturned Roe. Those who have insisted that Roe was a remedy against back alley abortions have now passed legislation allowing almost anyone to perform abortions.

Let this be a lesson to us all: when leftists try to justify and convince us with lofty reasons to go along with their proposed legislation, it is but a ruse. It is a cover for the naked reality they wish to hide. They use their reasons to curtail and stop others, but not themselves.  They later do whatever they wish, without consideration of the reasons they used previously to silence us.  Once assured of the power needed to go beyond any limit, they no longer bind themselves to the rationale they previously used in silencing others.

Another example: For them, saying a Border Wall is “immoral” is simply an expedient cover hiding the fact that they do not want a protective wall at all.  The naked reality is their choosing of the immoral act of prioritizing their votes and election over the protection of the American people.

Those who have railed against states’ rights are now using state legislatures under their Democrat control to override the “settled law” they insisted upon previously.  Just as liberals have sued every conservative state legislature for trying to place restrictions on unlimited abortions, so should we now sue their state legislatures and governors for passing laws that infringe upon and demolish the right to life of a living entity, the murder of an innocent baby, for no other reason than its inconvenience.

It is becoming apparent that we are no longer in a bygone world of differences between liberal vs. conservative over matters such as tax policy.  Something impure and demonic-like has overtaken the political left, a neo-paganism and hedonistic outlook on life. This, in contrast to the moral, religious, and historic view of life we possess.  All that remains is the sharing of a particular land, not, however, the sharing of a worldview or the principles of civilization. Their left liberalism is stifling their humanity and compassion … and lording itself over the rest of us.

It is not a coincidence that those who took God out of the Democrat platform celebrate the deliberate murder of a baby seconds away from birth, or even outside the womb while yet in the birth canal; the disintegration of male and female genders; a redefinition of marriage; hatred of Israel and, for some, even hatred of America; and the placement by the Democrat Speaker of the House of known anti-Semites onto committees and positions of power and great influence. It is all part of a unified view, the same fiendish, unwholesome cloth. Today’s political and social leftism is the most dangerous outlook and movement that has confronted America since its founding. It is a shocking departure from decency and an immersion into that which is monstrous.

Rabbi Spero is a theologian and a political and social commentator. He is author of "Push Back: Reclaiming Our American Judeo-Christian Spirit."


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