NYC Liberals Have Become Closed-Minded Zombies

By Rabbi Aryeh Spero | November 7, 2013 | 12:38pm EST

Everyone in New York City read of Democrat mayoral candidate Bill DeBlasio's previous and continuous support for the communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Yet yesterday, they voted him mayor... by huge margins.

Everyone in NYC knows of DeBlasio's plan to handcuff the police, New York's Finest, resulting in Islamic terrorists and street gang criminals being able to evade arrest.  Indeed, DeBlasio and ultra-liberal cronies boasted about ending Stop and Frisk, doing so in the name of "civil rights."

Yet, he won the election over his Republican opponent by 49%. Not 4.9%, but 49%.

For weeks, everyone heard of DeBlasio's plan to tax New Yorkers even higher and redistribute even more income from earners to non-earners. Yet, most Wall Streeters voted for him.

Physical safety and retaining personal earnings seem not to matter to liberal New Yorkers, nor does it matter if the candidate is Abraham Lincoln or Fidel Castro. Only one thing now matters: voting Democrat. Even if it puts you and your family at risk; even if it means strewn garbage, darker streets, unsafe parks, lower educational standards, or the return of  ethnic mob-rule and rabble-rousers.

Actually, another thing does matter: never voting Republican, no matter how dire the alternative. Remaining part of the liberal clique - what liberals call "enlightenment" and lets them feel morally superior-- is more important than protecting the kids. Identity as a liberal and entrée into the liberal fraternity is immediate and trumps the threats looming down the road later on. "Let's allow everyone to trample on and do to us what they want, we must continue to vote and react in such a way that no one can ever label us 'phobic.'"

Who was this Republican who lost by 49%? Was he one of those so-called extremists on abortion, gay marriage, and religion? No, not at all.

He is a low key, placid man, with no strong social agenda. Joe Lhota is your competent city manager type, who during previous administrations proved himself capable of making city services and its departments and institutions run smoothly. No agenda, and not a big-name conservative. Someone not looking for the spotlight, someone who'll allow other, more flamboyant New Yorkers to "make" the news and get the headlines. Nothing in him that could "offend" even a liberal. Except that he is a Republican.

In today's liberal world, and in America, Republicans have been so routinely demonized that no liberal or Democrat any longer conceives of voting Republican. Issues no longer matter, only personal political identity. So successful have Democrats been in vulgarizing the name Republican, and so brain-dead have Democrats become as political zombies, that Senator Jacob Javits and even John Lindsay could not get elected here now.

New York City has five Democrat groups. The first are those who benefit from every liberal social program, but themselves are not liberal towards others. They are the give-me liberals, caring only for their group. They demand and they take.

The second group is those who rarely ask or benefit from any social programs, but remain in a time warp as bleeding-heart liberals. They are from the FDR era and are passing away.

Three, those who espouse liberalism because it is fashionable, but are too wealthy to receive or ask for government programs, yet enrich themselves through their connections to those in power. They speak Socialist, but never suffer from it, since they, as in Obamacare, get exempted, or are rewarded in business and professionally.

Fourth are the Union people. Forget those employed by the government; the Democrat party is their de facto employer. However, many of the rank-and-file unionists who work in the private sector have good values and are patriotic, but still believe that "Democrats are for the little guy and hard-working man, and the Republicans are for the rich."  They are reachable.  They care about their children's safety, clean parks, and good schools much more than the bleeding-heart liberals who want to be loved by those who hate them and cling to a false sense of "enlightenment," which is often just appeasement, cowardice, and downright confusion as to what is right and what is wrong.

The last group is the die-hard leftist. NYC has too many of them. They actually cheer-on Communists, though they themselves have lots of money. They are today's Leninists. It's about their acquiring power. They also, deep down, sympathize with the criminals who claim "it is society's fault." They are the infamous Radical Chic crowd. Society, they feel, deserves to be hurt by criminals acting out of "political oppression" ... just make sure not to hurt me, since I donate to your cause. I'll also take the precaution of living in an off-limits, door-manned Central Park West apartment. Truth be known, many are even rooting for the Islamists, since they and the Islamists both hate America. This group is sick and beyond redemption.

This recent election in NYC demonstrates that even a harmless, moderate Republican stands no chance in closed-minded Blueland. With all the disappointment and anger at Obamacare, and the Obama and Democrat lies, the one man who stood up to Obamacare, Ken Cuccinelli, could not get elected, even in Virginia.  Not even against an unsavory character like Terry Mcauliffe. Republicans need to fight back when Democrats demonize them, and return the volleys with gusto and winning precision. That shouldn't be hard, especially since there is so much to criticize legitimately among today's Democrats.

Editor's Note: Rabbi Spero is author of "Push Back" and president of Caucus For America.

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