Obama’s Iran Nuke Deal: ‘Plan A’ for the Ultimate Annihilation of Israel

Rabbi Aryeh Spero | July 16, 2015 | 3:24pm EDT
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and President Barack Hussein Obama (right) (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

One of the most alarming and catastrophic elements being overlooked in this week's give-away deal to the mullahs is that Iran will soon receive $150 billion dollars. With that money they can immediately go after Israel with tens of billions in horrific conventional weapons, missiles, and rockets ... way before any nuclear bomb is fully functional. Israel will be overwhelmed as never before, and America will be more vulnerable to Iranian plots, financed, bizarrely, by Mr. Obama's giveaways. The mullahs can now echo Lenin: "The west will supply us the rope to hang them."

There is no reason for President Obama to give Iran that amount of money, which will be used tomorrow to hire tens of thousands of ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, to try to destroy Israel, and to finance terrorism against America and other countries. It will put at risk our navy in the Persian Gulf, with Obama probably ordering some type of American retreat when challenged by the Iranians, so as not to jeopardize our "partnership" with them as well as the hopes he has placed in the mullahs and his sympathy for other Iranian goals. This so-called treaty has been a hoax from the beginning, a ruse and cover-up for Mr. Obama's plan to resurrect Iran and financially fortify the mullahs and Iran. He, single-handedly, has rescued the mullahs and given them a controlling future over the Persian people.

We've been suckered into believing that it was about making Iran compromise and avert a nuclear program. The so-called deal has been a pretext for Barack Obama to do what he has always wanted to do: strengthen Iran and make it an undisputed power in the Middle East, a nation that can use its power to threaten Israel and any other nation in the region partnering with Israel. It has nothing to do with "his legacy," rather his conviction. 

With that $150 billion, Iran will be purchasing high-ticket items, the most expensive machines in the world. Thanks to Mr. Obama, Iran will very quickly become one of the globe's most sought after markets, an epicenter. Those seeking to sell Iran these mega-dollar items will, no doubt, be required by Iran to agree to some form of boycott of buying and selling to Israel.  This Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) will be cleverly worded to let the collaborators claim they aren't involved in any official BDS. The European countries can't wait to sell Iran these items, and that's why they're agreeing to a deal that many, such as the French, know is disastrous and unsafe for the West. But they fear that if they drop out, Barack Obama will go ahead with the deal anyway, and Iran's mullahs will retaliate by not providing contracts to the unwilling signers. If Europeans are willing to imperil their own safety for lucrative contracts with Iran, they certainly will not balk later when Iran demands a "mere" BDS against Israel.

With the $150 billion, Iran will be able to purchase the best anti-missile, anti-aircraft and radar systems in the world, systems and armaments that will virtually render impossible any attack Israel were to make against the foreboding nuclear installations. Iran will be able to support their proxies in Latin and South America with weapons and terrorist beach heads aimed at inflicting us harm. They will also have the money to finance an enlarged secret pathway of jihadists entering America. They will be able to hire the best nuclear scientists, the top cyber hackers, the brightest minds to thwart Israel and, indeed, attack her and other western outlets. 

This "deal" is Plan A for the ultimate annihilation of Israel, annihilation through active offense and by making Israel's defense impossible. It is a way, a horrible way, to pressure Israel into making unsafe concessions by placing on her the onus of "not making waves" by upsetting a now powerful Iran. Iran has been given a treasure chest to purchase and distribute its Jew-hatred worldwide. If I can see this, so can Mr. Obama. So too, can his supporters, including his Jewish supporters, who have abandoned Israel and Israel's children, doing so under cover of the most phony excuses possible, delivered with the usual self-righteous, "moral" platitudes.

In life, we make compromises to those we hold in high esteem, to those who hold a place in our heart or to those we feel merit concessions from us. To Iran, Mr. Obama has made the most earth-shattering compromises in the annals of history. Even Chamberlain did not provide Hitler with a $150 billion to arm-up.

Mr. Obama compromised. Worse, he gave in, totally – surrendering on issues that will assuredly put the world in ultimate danger and enable Iran to forever manipulate, bite and poison the world. He, evidently, feels an affinity for who they are and what they believe: their Shiite goals. He seems to love calling Mr. Khamenei what he loves being called: The Supreme Leader.

In contrast, when dealing with Israel he has been unwilling to compromise on even one tiny, new Jewish apartment in Jerusalem. He and his delegates screamed at Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu, so the world could hear, for permitting some innocuous, harmless room which was added to a Jewish building in a Jewish neighborhood in East Jerusalem. No compromise for Israel, not the slightest, yet total capitulation to Iranian Shiite Islam. Obama's heart is worn on his sleeve and is seen in whom he defers to, as opposed to whom he constantly scolds.

This whole deal would go nowhere, be dead on arrival, if the most powerful Democrat right now in the Senate would announce it as DOA. That man is Sen. Chuck Schumer. Where is he? No one knows what he will do. Why should we be guessing? He should be out there, at this moment, saying No to this accord. Why not some plain, unequivocal talk from him? 

If he let it be known that he has 20 Democrats prepared to vote against it, and be veto proof, the "negotiations" would be severely discredited. It's not enough for him to simply vote No; he needs, as the new Democrat Senate leader, to corral the votes to actually defeat this "deal." Why do we have to second guess where he will be when he should be out there right now doing the principled thing? Why should the Israelis have to live another moment in fear and anxiety? Where is his compassion? Schumer should stifle the accord now. 

Why does Schumer allow Netanyahu to dangle all alone in the world, when he, Schumer, has the leverage to squelch this and begin a momentum to unravel this horror? Perhaps he doesn't have the guts to do now what he knows he will not do later. Perhaps he will not go against his party's President now for fear of hurting his own political ascendancy. Why not do now what you intend to do ... if you intend to do it?

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is author of “Push Back” as well as “Why Israel Matters to You” and is president of Caucus for America.

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