The Homofascist Agenda

Rey Flores | December 16, 2014 | 11:18am EST
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Homosexual activists on the West Lawn of the Capitol during a rally in Washington on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Homosexual activists will be the first ones to scoff and laugh at our faces if you bring up the term “homosexual agenda.” They’ll howl with laughter as they dismiss you as a homophobe Neanderthal that just isn’t keeping up with the modern times.

The way the mainstream media distorts it, you’d think that every other person was as flaming as the candles on your great grandma’s birthday cake.

Growing up in the 1970s, we were already being indoctrinated into the “gay agenda” with music superstars like the androgynous David Bowie and glam rockers the New York Dolls and Lou Reed. Their songs of rebellion sang of not knowing whether you were a boy or a girl and taking walks on the “wild side” where “he” was a “she.” Let’s not forget the seemingly clownish, but perverse all the same, Village People.

Primetime TV featured gay characters like Billy Crystal’s “Jody” in the very popular sitcom “Soap” on ABC. Also, on that same network was the ongoing running joke that John Ritter’s “Jack Tripper,” on the also wildly popular “Three’s Company,” was gay so that he could live in a rented apartment with two buxom beauties, which presented yet another promotion of cohabitation among randy men and sexy women.

If anyone dares tell you that there is no such thing as a gay agenda, welcome them to do the simple research themselves.

More recently, we have the very hateful Dan Savage, who is most famous for berating an auditorium full of high school kids, basically spitting on their Christian beliefs with his hateful bile, seemingly rooted in his own self-hatred.

Ironically, Savage is behind a number of schemes to further brainwash and indoctrinate your sons and daughters into thinking that immoral and grotesque sexual acts are as normal as the sunrise and the sunset.

There was a time in our society when people who sought depraved sexual perversions, whether they were heterosexual or homosexual, had to visit seedy dirty book stores in the worst parts of town, or sadly find it in your father’s or older brother’s sock drawer.

Today’s sock drawer is no longer a difficult locale to access for any given adolescent or even pre-pubescent boy. If he wants his daily fill of masturbatory materials and fantasies, he just clicks on his computer, pad or smartphone.

Let’s not forget all that the public education system has done to invite professional perverts from Planned Parenthood, on your tax dollars no less, to teach your child how to put a condom on a cucumber or discover the world of sadism and masochism.

Pornography has always been a detrimental poison, a major cause for emotional and behavioral arrested development for many generations, but today’s porn is even worse than your granddaddy’s porn of yesteryear.

It is worse because it is absolutely accessible to anyone with an internet connection. It is worse because today’s porn breaks new ground into the abuse of minors, the degradation of women in every imaginable way, and the promotion of bisexuality and homosexuality as yet part of supposedly normal human behavior.

Is there a gay agenda? You betcha’ there is, except it is not a subtle underground agenda anymore, but a full-blown effort by the government, the entertainment industry and the educational system that seeks to corrupt the lives and souls of millions upon millions of children so that these industries can thrive and further support their own devilish and sick homofascist agendas.

Laws across the nation are being changed on a daily basis so that twisted perverts can enter into any restroom that they please, depending on how they identify that day; and also laws that punish business owners for trying to live by their Christian beliefs that contradict the sick homofascist narrative.

One can’t even take their son anymore to a professional sports event, or even watch one on TV without some professional athlete declaring himself as the next Rip Taylor or Liberace of the sports world.

The thought police are constantly watching us now to make sure we aren’t contradicting the “gay agenda.” God forbid one says anything on the contrary, and we are automatically labeled as homophobes and haters.

And it isn’t just being labeled, but persecuted, fined and jailed in some instances or having one’s livelihood  taken away from them – like the Benham brothers had their HGTV real estate reality show canceled on them when they publicly stood up for traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

I have known a few homosexuals in my life, whether it was at school or at work, and I got along just fine with them, as they did with me. The reason we got along is that neither they nor I were ever shoving one’s lifestyle on the other.

As a matter of fact, I wasn’t necessarily the most virtuous guy when it came to the ladies at that time in my life, but yet we all got along. Perhaps because I too was in my own pit of heterosexual sin, I failed to see the grave sin these homosexuals were in.

Today’s “homosexual agenda” has crossed into a form of social terrorism which I indubitably refer to as a “homofascist agenda,” a “gaystapo” of sorts, if you will. It permeates politics, entertainment, sports, education and even faith, as many Christian churches are increasingly coming under the microscope for not subscribing to the modernist homofascist agenda.

One can’t even keep up with all of the made up words, acronyms and alphabet soups these people come up with. First it was LGBTQ, then it became transgender and today I heard that some people want to be referred to as a “non-binary” person – whatever the heck that means!

Gay is not OK, and I’ll be damned if I let my children grow up in such a distorted environment. Go ahead and be gay, but don’t try and force us all to be that way.

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