'Duck Dynasty' Star's Firing Proves You Will be Made to Care

By Steve Deace | December 23, 2013 | 12:46pm EST

A nation founded by pilgrims seeking out religious freedom, and the chance to worship the God of the Bible without interference from big government or persecution from the culture, has now come full circle.

In August, Duck Dynasty returned for another season with a record 12 million viewers, which was the largest audience for an original show in the history of cable television.

Four months later one of its stars, Phil Robertson, was essentially fired today by A&E Network which carries the show because he's a Christian that believes the Bible. And the Bible teaches homosexuality is a sin and goes against God's plan for His creation.

You will be made to care.

When a network fires arguably its biggest star for believing the Bible, and expressing those views in a way that was not inflammatory or incendiary, it's essentially saying it would rather bow at the altar of political correctness than make a profit. Duck Dynasty has become A&E's biggest cash cow. If Duck Dynasty and all the wealth, jobs, and prosperity its success provides cannot trump the homosexual agenda, then nothing can. Pop culture is essentially choosing the promotion of sexual deviancy even over its own greed. The truth is many companies in corporate America have been doing the same for years now, and so does most of the media as well. The tolerance mob and its gaystapo are out to silence all opposition to their brave new world of deviancy.

You will be made to care.

This is a day and age where the government can order you to bake a cake, take photos, and provide lodging in the name of acceptance of homosexuality-and you're not allowed to conscientiously object on religious grounds. In fact, your Constitutional rights to religious liberty and free speech will be taken away in order to make way for the new, make believe right to sexual deviancy.

This is no longer the America we were supposed to be, and it hasn't been for quite some time. This is no longer about saving the republic. This is about restoring one.

Let the record show which side are the ones pushing their agenda down everyone's throats, and using the coercive force of government and mobocracy tactics to bully its opponents. Let the record show that the sad truth is too many Christians in America are too wimpy to fight back, and actually are more inclined to criticize those fighting for them instead. Nevertheless, although most American Christians would gladly choose a "live and let live" fantasy land rather than actually taking a stand, that option does not exist. The bully aggressors in the tolerance mob have ordered their gaystapo to seek out and silence Biblical teaching and belief regardless of the wimp factor of the believer.

You will be made to care.

Soft-headed conservatives and libertine libertarians now have a choice to make. Either they can realize the homosexual movement is an enemy to freedom and liberty, and is being used by those who want to impose statism in order to silence the Christian Church, which has always been the greatest obstacle to statism. Or, they can continue their willful ignorance and continue to believe the lie neutrality is a viable option. Understand, of course, that if you choose the Neville Chamberlain road the statists will take you down next after they're done driving the Christian Church into the cultural catacombs. And without a vibrant, bold, and courageous church shining its light in the darkness, you'll be as vulnerable as a flock of ducks on a Robertson family hunting trip.

You will be made to care.

Our low-information-voter friends and family with their equal signs as Facebook avatars are this movement's useful idiots. They may think it's none of their business what consenting adults do in their own bedrooms, but the homosexual movement begs to differ. They are making their behavior very public, and have no intention of co-existing with religious liberty anymore than Islamists want to co-exist with Christians and Jews. There is no co-existence, there is only unconditional acceptance. And that unconditional acceptance will also have to include you and your children's belief system-no exceptions. No more gender, no more morality, and no more restraint.

You will be made to care.

Now that everyone knows once and for all where the tolerance mob truly stands, there are no excuses. Your friends and family that think they can have it both ways will eventually turn against you unless they come to know and worship the God of the Bible,  so they can avoid being shunned by the culture.

You will be made to care.

You will eventually see American media, even "conservative media" in some circles, refuse to provide those with a Biblical worldview access to their platform or treat their perspective as a valid one worthy of consideration in the arena of ideas. Christians with a Biblical worldview will be treated like racists, even if they're black or Hispanic.

You will be made to care.

Any politician who thinks he can incorporate even 1% of this worldview into his coalition is either a complete and total moron, or speaking to you with a forked tongue. Ask yourself this simple question: has the tolerance mob shown any willingness to tolerate, accommodate, or compromise with Christianity at all? Any politician who claims the contrary is either too gutless to defend your freedoms or unwilling to, and isn't worth voting for no matter what the alternative is because the end result is still the same-liberty lost.

You will be made to care.

I will be mocked by lefty blogs and called paranoid by some of you for even writing this. But that's because you're either a liar or a fool. Most of you are liars, and have been lying to the American people for decades about your true goals to turn America into a pagan, progressive mobocracy-which are now becoming clear.

The rest of you are fools. You just don't want to know because you're governed by nothing other than emotion. Regardless, all of you are the same people who promised us if we accepted homosexuality as the new normal nobody would lose their freedom, and that those of us who warned the country to the contrary were scaring people with red herrings. Now that the day has come when those red herrings have become our reality, you are silent-proving you're either liars, fools, or both.

But I am not angry with you. Instead, I pity you, for you are unknowingly sealing your own fates. You are suppressing the only antidote to the hole in your own souls, and what's rotting away at the soul of our nation. While you may be successful imposing your will on people who believe like me in this life, all of your predecessor persecutors throughout history have learned in eternity that you're on the losing side of HIStory.

So instead of encouraging those like me to give you a taste of your own medicine, I will encourage them to pray for you instead. You've already lost this debate, but you don't have to be eternity's losers. The Lord Jesus Christ you seek to erase from public view offers you forgiveness, redemption, and restoration. He's willing to erase all of your offenses against him, just as he once erased ours. He loves you every bit as much as he loves those you disagree with. He loves you so much he laid down his life for you.

We pray that you figure that out before it's too late. Otherwise, one day...

...You will be made to care.

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