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By Staff | April 30, 2021 | 10:19am EDT
(Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)
(Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Below is a partial listing of China-related commentaries and reports that has published:

China-Related Commentaries:

From Wuhan to You and…

Has a Chinese Virus Made Us More Like the People’s Republic?

Cardinal Zen is a Hero for China and the Catholic Church

A San Francisco Priest Who Defied Tyrants

China’s High-Tech Tyranny

Workers Making Apple I-Phones Start at $3.15 Per Hour--in China

Apple is Not as American as Apple Pie

Hong Kong Has Gone Dark. Here's How America Should Sanction China 

We Must Never Forget Communist China's Tiananmen Square Massacre

Is a Cold War II With China Inevitable? 

If MLB Commissioner Is So Concerned About Rights, Why Partner With China?

We're Not Buying Joe Biden's 'Tough on China' Act

Remember That the Coronavirus Was 'Made in China'

China Uses Forced Labor to Produce Laptops, and We're Buying Them

China-Related Reports Dealing With COVID-19 Pandemic:

As China Coronavirus Death Toll Rises Sharply, US Officials Prepare Departure (Jan 28, 2020)

China Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs; GOP Senator Calls for Targeted Flight Ban (Jan. 30, 2020)

China Coronavirus:  WHO Declares Global Emergency; First Person-to-Person Transmission in US Confirmed (Jan. 31, 2020)

Coronavirus Cases Soar; US Travel Restrictions Begin – And China Complains (Feb. 3, 2020)

As Coronavirus Spreads, Taiwan Impacted by UN Complying With Beijing’s ‘One China’ Stance (Feb. 3, 2020)

Trump Administration and CDC Say US Has Offered China Coronavirus Help; Beijing Denies It (Feb. 4, 2020)

Taiwan’s China-Enforced Isolation Hampers its Efforts to Deal With Coronavirus Outbreak (Feb. 18, 2020)

Questions Swirl About Source of China’s Coronavirus Outbreak  (Feb. 19, 2020)

China Bristles at Pompeo’s References to ‘Wuhan Coronavirus’; Don't Call It 'Wuhan'  (Mar. 9, 2020)

Communist Party Outlet Sees a Hidden Agenda Behind Calls for China to Apologize For Outbreak (Mar. 9, 2020)

Linking the Coronavirus to China is ‘Racist’?  Numerous Diseases Have Been Named For Places (Mar. 11, 2020)

Pompeo Scolds Beijing Over ‘Outlandish Rumors’ Blaming US For Coronavirus (Mar. 17, 2020)

Rep. Greg Steube: ‘Chinese Government Should Pay for the Impact That They’ve Had on United States”

Chinese Media Outlet Invites WHO Experts to Criticize United States; They Praise It Instead (Mar. 18, 2020)

‘Do the Math’: State Dep’t Official Challenges Chinese Narrative on Outbreak (Mar. 19, 2020)

Police Apologize For Trying to Silence Wuhan Doctor Who Warned of Virus, Before Dying From It (Mar. 20, 2020)

Still Promoting COVID-19 Conspiracy Theories, Chinese State Media Points to WH Petition (Mar. 23, 2020)

Pompeo: Chinese, Iranians Will ‘Ultimately Hold Their Leaders Responsible’ For Mishandling the Outbreak (Mar. 25, 2020)

Coronavirus Pandemic: Senior WHO Official Dodges Questions About Taiwan (Mar. 30, 2020)

The 11 Days in January When the People of Wuhan Weren’t Warned That the Virus Was Infectious (Apr. 2, 2020)

Amid Skepticism About its Data, China’s Starts to Include Positive-But-Asymptomatic Cases in Reporting (Apr. 2, 2020)

Biden Calls For Sanctions Relief for Iranian Regime – Which Continues to Reject US Help (Apr. 3, 2020)

China Releases Timeline to Back Its Outbreak 'Transparency' Claim, But It’s Full of Holes (Apr.7, 2020)

On WHO’s Birthday, Trump Warns ‘China-Centric’ UN Agency Funding Could Be Cut (Apr. 8, 2020)

WHO Chief Denies Favoring China; Says Time Will Come for Self-Evaluation (Apr. 9, 2020)

Taiwan Hits Back at WHO: ‘We Know Better Than Anyone Else What it Feels Like to be Discriminated Against’ (Apr. 10, 2020)

Ambassador: Don’t Blame Wuhan For COVID-19 Cases ‘Far, Far Away From China’  (Apr. 13, 2020)

Should China Pay? Pompeo Says He’s Confident Those Responsible Will be ‘Held Accountable’ (Apr. 14, 2020)

John Bolton: US Should Respond to China’s Coronavirus ‘Cover-Up’ by Recognizing Taiwan (Apr. 16, 2020)

GOP Lawmakers: WHO’s China-Praising DG Must Go Before Any Further US Funding (Apr. 17, 2020)

Rep. Crenshaw: ‘Let’s Let Americans Sue the Chinese Government’ (Apr. 20, 2020)

Pompeo: China Failed to Meet Outbreak Reporting Obligation; WHO Failed to Call it Out (Apr. 23, 2020)

Pompeo: ‘Enormous Evidence’ Coronavirus Came From Wuhan Lab; China Must Allow Experts In (May 4, 2020)

With Strong US Backing, Taiwan Asks to Take Part in Upcoming WHO Assembly (May 4, 2020)

Pompeo Calls on Tedros to Invite Taiwan to Health Assembly; WHO Balks (May 7, 2020)

After Democrats Pull Out, House GOP Launches Task Force on Challenges Posed by CCP (May 8, 2020)

European Union Accedes to CCP Censorship Over Origin of Coronavirus Outbreak (May 8, 2020)

Trump on Reports China Hackers Are Trying to Steal Virus Vaccine Research: ‘What Else is New?’ (May 12, 2020)

Rejecting FBI Hacking Claims, Beijing Says it’s Ahead of the US in Vaccine Research (May 15, 2020)

CCP Media Outlets Used Terms Like ‘Wuhan Virus’ Early On – Then Scrubbed Them (May 22)

Leaked WHO Recordings Reveal Frustration at China’s Delays on Releasing Crucial Coronavirus Data (June 3, 2020)

WH Trade Advisor: China ‘Spawned’ Coronavirus, ‘Open Question’ if it Was Deliberate (Jun. 22, 2020)

WHO Says China Did Not Report Virus Outbreak, But Gave Info Only After WHO Inquired (Jul., 7, 2020)

Trump Starts One-Year Clock for WHO Exit; Biden Vows to Rejoin ‘On My First Day as President’ (Jul. 8, 2020)

‘Independent’ Panel Launched to Evaluate How WHO and Member-States Responded to Outbreak (Jul. 10, 2020)

Court Injunction Allowing Abortion Drugs by Mail During Pandemic Dismays Pro-Lifers (Jul. 14, 2020)

Russia Denies Claims of Coronavirus Research Hacking; Says it’s Close to a Vaccine Itself (Jul. 17, 2020)

Pompeo Isn’t Buying Claim That Hong Kong Election Was Postponed Because of Coronavirus (Aug. 3, 2020)

Trump to UN: Hold Beijing Accountable for ‘The China Virus’  (Sept. 23, 2020)

Biden, Again, Misleads on Trump Pressing China to Let US Experts in After Outbreak  (Sept. 30, 2020)

Chinese Communist Party Paper Editor Mocks Trump, Then Deletes Tweet and Pens Self-Righteous Article (Oct. 5, 2020

Pence: ‘China is to Blame for the Coronavirus’ (Oct. 8, 2020)

Int'l Effort to Find Virus’ Origin is Being Held Up by China (Oct. 9, 2020)

Global Survey Suggests China is Losing PR Battle Over Coronavirus Blame (Oct. 29, 2020)

US Scolds WHO Over Sluggish Approach to Investigating Origins of Coronavirus in China  (Nov. 12, 2020)

China Still Insinuating Virus Originated Elsewhere, As WHO Team Prepares to Visit Wuhan (Dec. 21, 2020)

US: Chinese Woman Jailed For ‘Challenging CCP Propaganda’ Over Virus Outbreak (Dec. 29, 2020)


China-Related Reports Not Dealing With COVID-19 Pandemic:

Taiwan’s Re-Elected President: China Needs to ‘Face Reality,’ ‘We Are an Independent Country’

Chinese Communist Party Paper Slams Pompeo After He Warns Governors They are on the CCP’s Radar

Bernie Sanders Concedes China, Cuba Are Dictatorships, But Saves His Strongest Criticism For Israel’s Netanyahu

China Defeated in Attempt to Take Control of Yet Another UN Agency

2,060 Chinese Nationals Apprehended at U.S.-Mexico Border in Fiscal Year 2019

Cardinal Joseph Zen: ‘For Love of My People I Will Not Remain Silent’

Chinese Cardinal: Vatican Has Kept Secret the Text to Deal With Atheist Regime on Naming Bishops

$107 Billion: During Pandemic, U.S. Has Imported More From China Than Any Other Country

U.S. Has Run Up $5.5 Trillion in Trade Deficits With China

U.S. Merchandise Trade Deficit With China Through July: $163,300,000,000

‘China Ate Our Lunch,’ Says Trump, Blaming Predecessors

Irked by Criticism Over Controversial UN Appointment, China Calls US Human Rights Record ‘Ugly’

Religious Freedom Commissioner: China ‘Persecutes More People…Than Any Other Country in the World’

Beijing’s Proposed New Hong Kong Security Law Draws US Warnings

Beijing Scoffs at US Warnings That It’s Putting Hong Kong’s Special Trade Status At Risk

Pompeo’s Hong Kong Assessment Paves Way for Punishing Beijing

‘The World’s Most Oppressive Dictatorship’: US House Confronts Beijing Over Rights Abuses

Twitter Took Different Approaches to Tweets From Trump and Conspiracy-Promoting Chinese Official

Beijing Blames US Hostility for Hong Kong Dispute, But Other Nations Also Warn China

China Trolls Trump Administration Over Violent Protests in the US

China Slams US Over Bill on Uighurs; Trump Administration Has Led Int’l Criticism of Abuses

Beijing Irked by Photo of Empty China Places At US-Russia Arms Talks

Pompeo Announces New US-EU Dialogue: ‘The World is Now Confronting China’

China Threatens to Restrict Visas for U.S. Critics of Its Moves Against Hong Kong

Religious Freedom Panel to Pompeo: Do Forced Sterilizations of China's Muslims Constitute Genocide?

Dozens of Countries Back China at UN Human Rights Council Over Hong Kong, Xinjiang Abuses

Pompeo Unleashes on China, Criticizing ‘Xi Jinping and His Behavior Throughout the Region’

‘Badge of Honor’: Beijing Sanctions Four GOP Critics in Tit-For-Tat Move

Pompeo: Let Parents Worry About Kids’ Cell Phone Use; We’ll Worry About Chinese Data Theft

Delivering China Threat Speech, AG Barr Aims for ‘Despicable’ Label From CCP

DoJ Indicts ‘State-Sponsored’ Hackers; Accuses China of Acting Like ‘Organized Criminal Syndicate’

CCP Paper Suggests Shutting US Mission in Hong Kong a Fitting Response to Houston Consulate Closure

Almost 50 Years After Nixon Went to China, Pompeo Characterizes Engagement as a Failure

Chinese Researchers at US Universities Charged With Lying About PLA Affiliation

‘Unbreakable Alliance’: Pompeo Commends Australia For Resisting CCP Bullying

USDA on Suspicious Seeds Reportedly Sent From China:  Don’t Plant Them

CCP Paper: US Wants to Ban TikTok Because of Competition, and Anti-Trump Teens

Trump: China, Iran and Russia ‘Are Hoping That Joe Biden Wins’

Networks Cut Away As Chinese Dissident Praises Trump’s Approach to CCP, ‘An Enemy of Humanity’

Pompeo: Trump ‘Isn’t Just Going to Turn the Other Cheek’ on China’s Misbehavior

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Faces Boycott Calls for Filming in Xinjiang and Thanking CCP

Chinese Communists Reject US Ambassador’s Op-Ed, Suggest He Make ‘Substantive Revisions’

UN Human Rights Council Is Urged to End Impunity for Repressive China

China Accuses US of Spreading ‘Political Virus’ After ‘Disgusted’ US Ambassador Slams Beijing

China Blocks Wikipedia Publisher From Observer Status at IP-Protection Agency, Citing Taiwan Issue

Pompeo Prods Vatican to Confront Beijing Over Persecution, Refutes Any Link to Election

Islamic, Communist, and Other Autocratic Regimes Back China's Treatment of Muslims in Xinjiang

‘The Inmates Are Running the Asylum’: UN Hands Human Rights Council Seats to China, Russia, Cuba

Vatican Renews Secret Accord with Beijing Amid Persecution; Says Deal is Pastoral, Not Political

Chinese Warplanes Encroach; Taiwan Says Beijing May Try to Take Advantage of US Election Uncertainty

China Blasts Trump Administration For Removing Uyghur Separatist Group From Terror List

US Envoy: China Is ‘One of the Worst’ Religious Persecutors in the World, ‘If Not the Worst’

Sen. Cotton: Biden’s Team of ‘Panda Huggers’ Could Undo Progress Made Against Beijing

Frigid Australia-China Relationship Hits a New Low Over Aggressive Twitter ‘Diplomacy’

U.S. Lawmakers Among Those Supporting Australia Amid ‘Xi Jinping’s Authoritarian Bullying’

China Slams US Sanctions on Top Lawmakers: ‘Outrageous, Unscrupulous, Crazy and Vile’

Muslims Lash Out at Islamic Bloc Over Uyghur Silence, ‘Complicity’

As Experts Probing Virus Origin Quarantine in Wuhan, Pompeo Calls Again For Lab Scrutiny

‘Last Day Madness’: Beijing Slams Pompeo Over Wuhan Claims

On Eve of Trump’s Departure, US Becomes the World’s First Gov’t to Label China’s Actions ‘Genocide’

Biden’s Secretary of State Nominee: ‘President Trump Was Right in Taking a Tougher Approach to China’

Cotton: China's 'Powerful' Sanctions on Trump Officials Are an Attempt to Intimidate Biden Officials

‘Sooner or Later’ Our Warplanes Will Be Flying Over Taiwan, CCP Paper Says After US Warning

Biden’s UN Ambassador-Nominee Grilled Over Speech to Confucius Institute

China’s Foreign Ministry: WHO’s Expert Team in Wuhan Is Studying, Not Investigating

Senior Chinese Official to Biden Administration: Rock-Bottom Relations Are Trump’s Fault

China ‘Shocked’ By Embassy Staffer’s ‘Wuhan Bat’ T-Shirt Logo

China Rejects Claims of Mass Rape in Xinjiang Camps; Women Are ‘Actors Giving False Information’

China Ignores Biden’s 'Don't-Mean-It-As Criticism' Comment About Xi Not Being 'Democratic'

WHO Virus-Origin Investigators Discount Wuhan Lab-Leak Theory, Won’t Pursue It Further

‘Jury Is Still Out’: US Withholding Judgment After WHO Says COVID Did Not Leak From Wuhan Lab

Angered by Xinjiang Abuses Reporting, China Bans BBC World News

U.S. Voices ‘Deep Concerns’ About WHO Probe Into Virus Origins

Calls Growing in Congress For Boycott of Winter Olympics Unless They’re Moved From China

‘Cold War Mentality’: Beijing Irked by China Focus at NATO, Quad, and G7 Meetings

UN Rights Council Begins Session: Israel, US ‘Systemic Racism’ on Agenda, But Not China or Russia

At UN Human Rights Council, China Calls US Genocide Claims ‘Malicious and Politically-Driven’

China Plans Sweeping Electoral Changes to Ensure Only ‘Patriots’ Rule Hong Kong

China’s Annual Report on US ‘Rights Violations’ Will Highlight US Coronavirus Death Toll

NBA Boss Defends Relationship With China: ‘Our Values Remain The Same and Our Business Continues’

Chinese FM: Requiring Hong Kong Candidates to Be Loyal to Beijing Is Just and Reasonable

Chinese Newspaper Suggests China’s COVID-19 'Health Code' Be a Model For Global Travel

Rep. Smith Questions Biden’s Stance on China’s Abuses: ‘I Would Hope We’d Stand With the Oppressed’

China Accuses U.S. Admiral of Exploiting the Taiwan Issue to Exaggerate Chinese Military Threat

Blinken: We’ll Hear What Other Countries Are Thinking Before Deciding on Beijing Olympics Boycott

Blinken to China: Your Actions ‘Threaten the Rules-Based Order That Maintains Global Stability’

China, Russia Huddle After Tense Talks in Alaska and Biden’s Slam on Putin

Beijing Parrots Kamala Harris’ Comments About Racism in America

‘Stop Interfering in China’s Internal Affairs’ Slogans Appear on T-Shirts in China

Connolly Opposes ‘Fingering’ China in Global Health Security Bill;  Cites Atlanta Shootings

Blinken: ‘Beijing Apparently Helped to Write’ Purportedly Independent Report on Wuhan Virus Origin

NYT Headline (Since Changed) Says Wuhan Lab Theory Has Been ‘Debunked.’ It Hasn’t Been

Cotton on China/COVID: ‘We Shouldn’t Just Turn The Page, The Way The Biden Administration Wants To Do’

WHO Chief Wants Further Study Into ‘All Hypotheses’ for Origin of COVID-19 Virus--Including Lab-Leak Theory

China: We Opened Our Labs and the Leak Theory Was ‘Basically Ruled Out'; Now Investigate U.S.

US Pushes For American to Head UN Agency Where Russia, China Are Pushing For Int’l Internet Control

Amid Tensions, US, Allied and Chinese Navies Hone Capabilities in Indo-Pacific Waters

State: ‘Not Going to Offer Advice to US Companies From This Podium’ on Boycotting Beijing Olympics

Will US Defend Taiwan ‘Militarily’? Blinken Won’t ‘Get Into Hypotheticals’ But Cites Commitment

UN Rights Council Urged to Probe Atrocities in Xinjiang. But It Has Never Challenged China

Russia, China Support UN Claim That US Is Violating Rights by Offering Rewards to Capture Terrorists

New Reports Update China’s Five-Year Effort to Restrict Religion

Chinese State Media Snipe As US Steps Up Help For COVID-Ravaged India

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