China Seeks ‘Closer Cooperation’ With Political Parties From Around the World

By Patrick Goodenough | July 6, 2021 | 4:34am EDT
A giant hammer and sickle adorn the Chinese Communist Party centenary festivities at Tiananmen Square in Beijing last Thursday. (Photo by Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images)
A giant hammer and sickle adorn the Chinese Communist Party centenary festivities at Tiananmen Square in Beijing last Thursday. (Photo by Wang Zhao/AFP via Getty Images)

( – Political parties from scores of countries are expected to take part in a mostly-virtual summit on Tuesday arranged by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), an event the party described as the highest-level and largest meeting of global political parties it has ever hosted.

President Xi Jinping is scheduled to give a keynote address at the event in Beijing, the International Department of the CCP’s Central Committee said, linking it to the party’s recent centenary celebrations.

“This meeting is an important multilateral diplomatic event organized by the Communist Party of China on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of its founding,” it said. It would also be the first time that Xi holds “an online meeting with global party leaders.”

The propaganda summit comes at a time of widespread international concern about the actions and policies of China’s ruling party, accused among other things of mass-scale human rights abuses against minority Muslims in Xinjiang, the stifling of democratic freedoms in Hong Kong, directing military threats at Taiwan, and gravely mishandling the coronavirus outbreak that emerged in Wuhan in late 2019.

The International Department’s deputy head, Guo Yezhou, told a briefing the aim was for the CCP and political parties from around the world to exchange experiences of how to “jointly cope with challenges brought by the changes unseen in a century and the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthen the ability and ideal to seek happiness for the people, promote world peace and development.”

“Political parties around the world have now turned to focus on the systematic success of the [CCP] and parties around the world have turned to focus on what China’s achievements over the years mean to the world.”

Guo said Xi would use the occasion to speak to the international community about the CCP’s “concern and care for the future of humanity.”

“We look forward to developing closer cooperation with world political parties to align parties’ interests with national interests, the interests of our own people with those of the people of the world.”

“We hope to build up more consensus and pool more strength on major issues concerning the future of humanity, move toward building a community with a shared future for mankind, and build a better world together.”

The phrase, “building a community with a shared future for mankind,” is invoked frequently by Chinese officials, and is seen as a central pillar of Xi’s vision for China’s foreign policy.

The CCP department’s main role is to cultivate relationships with parties, both communist and non-communist, around the world. It did not respond to requests for a list of the political parties taking part.

Parties that have themselves announced plans to do so include the Communist Party of Vietnam (a high-ranking delegation headed by general secretary Nguyen Phu Trong will take part in person), and two communist parties from Nepal – the Marxist–Leninist and Maoist factions.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has also accepted an invitation to take part. Khan has drawn criticism for his praise of a government widely accused of violating the rights of millions of Muslims in Xinjiang.

Meanwhile the editor-in-chief of one of the party’s mouthpieces, Global Times, took an ill-disposed swipe at the United States in response to an Independence Day tweet by President Biden.

“This year, the Fourth of July is a day of special celebration,” said the tweet on Biden’s official feed, paraphrasing remarks he made on the South Lawn of the White House. “For we are emerging from the darkest of years. A year of pandemic and isolation. A year of pain, fear, and heartbreaking loss. Today, we can say with confidence: America is coming back together.”

“Is it so?” retorted Hu Xijin. “Does the Republican Party agree? Do those black [sic] who call for Black Lives Matter, and those poor Americans agree? Do families of the missing in the Miami building collapse agree?”

(Screen grab: Twitter)
(Screen grab: Twitter)

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