A Step-by-Step to How Victorious Dems Would Change America

By Bill Pascoe | November 2, 2020 | 10:54am EST
From former Vice President Joe Biden to others down the ticket, Democratic politicians could fundamentally alter America if they are elected. (Photo credit: KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)
From former Vice President Joe Biden to others down the ticket, Democratic politicians could fundamentally alter America if they are elected. (Photo credit: KEREM YUCEL/AFP via Getty Images)

Every four years, candidates exhort us to vote, explaining urgently that this year’s election is “the most important election of our lifetimes!” And every four years, that turns out to be hyperbole. Except for this year, when that adage may actually turn out to be true – because if Joe Biden wins the White House, and Democrats hold the House and recapture the Senate, newly-empowered Democrats will rewrite the rules lopsidedly, and tip the balance of power for generations to come in favor of the Democratic Party.

Think I’m joking? Consider:

The first step would be to eliminate the legislative filibuster, that pesky relic of days gone by. Removing it – which could be done with a simple majority of 51 votes – would turn the Senate into a smaller version of the House, a majority-run institution that no longer serves its constitutional function of protecting minority rights.

Once they’ve eliminated the legislative filibuster, the second step would be to enact legislation to “pack” the Supreme Court. Changing the rules of the Court, by creating four additional seats – so four new, left-wing justices could be appointed, to alter the ideological balance of the Court back in favor of leftists with a 7-6 majority – would allow them to move on to their next step…

Which would be to add the District of Columbia as the 51st state, by means of simple legislation. Passing a bill through the House and the Senate and then having the President sign it is the way you add states to the Union…except in the case of the District of Columbia, because the federal district is defined in the Constitution itself, and many constitutional scholars believe the only way to make the District of Columbia a state would be to amend the Constitution to that effect.

That wouldn't be a problem, of course, if they had already packed the Court with their four new justices. That’s why packing the Court is the second item on the agenda – it makes possible all the other horribles to come.

Adding D.C. (and, likely, Puerto Rico, while they’re at it) as new states by means of legislation would create four new U.S. senators. Based on what we know of the political leanings of residents of the District and Puerto Rico, it’s a safe bet that the net result would be to add four new members to the Senate Democratic Caucus. Four additional senators would hike the number of Democrats in the Senate from 51 or 52 to 55 or 56 – and thereby make it exceedingly difficult, if not impossible, for Republicans ever to recapture control.

But we’re not done yet. Altering the balance of power in the Senate is one thing, but why stop there? Why not alter the balance of power in the whole country, by finding a way to add millions of new voters who are predisposed to vote for Democrats?

Enter amnesty and a “path to citizenship” for the 12-20 million illegal immigrants here in the United States. Would they all vote Democrat? Not likely. But I’d be willing to bet a significant percentage of them would. Let’s say we add 15 million new voters, who break down at just 2-to-1 Democrat-to-Republican. That would mean adding 10 million Democrat votes to 5 million Republican voters, for a net gain of 5 million new votes for Democrats. That would be the equivalent of growing the number of Democratic voters by about 7 percent. In national elections where the margin of victory is a few million votes one way or the other, adding a net 5 million votes to the Democrat side would make a huge difference.

And where would those new voters reside? Sure, many of them would be found in states that already vote heavily Democrat – California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey. But lots of them can be found in battleground states, too, like Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and North Carolina. And don’t forget Florida. Would turning illegal immigrants into voting citizens tip future presidential elections? Absolutely.

One thing is for certain — if Democrats succeed in taking control of the White House and recapturing the Senate, while maintaining their hold on the House of Representatives, the political world will be in a for a tidal wave of change.

Bill Pascoe, a political consultant, has been working to defend and extend individual liberty for 40 years.

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